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101 year old Wuxi outbound progress: Ctrip’s cruise with her tour of South Korea Tianhai new network – the Yangtze Evening News Network August 28th news (reporter Liu Mengxue) Yangzi Evening News August 27th A6 version of "101 year old grandmother passport to go to the world" the report draws attention to the parties. In all of the 100 year old Liu Chengxin travel restrictions, feel anxious and worried when the night of 27 August 22, the reporter received ctrip.com news, by the spirit of the old man moved, Ctrip’s group and is willing to help the elderly to achieve a sea Cruise Tour wish, and its sponsorship of Liu Chengxin a cruise tour of Japan and South Korea are accompanying family members. On the afternoon of August 28th, Liu Chengxin’s youngest daughter, Ms. Han, was delighted to hear the news. Thanks to Yangzi Evening News, thanks to Ctrip, to achieve my mother’s wish." Ms. Han said, in order to help mother achieve outbound wish, children struggled. They asked the airlines and travel agencies. There was a wall in the travel agency, it is considered free to do, but to ask the airline may also refuse to take the opportunity to mother. "We plan to take my mother to Wuhan in September. If there is a flight to Wuhan 2 hours of travel experience, perhaps the airline will be able to let my mother the next plane to Japan and South korea." Ms. Han said they come up with a way to reporters after thought. The reporter contacted the sea cruise executive vice president Wei Yu, she said that the cruise belongs to slow travel products, provide comfortable and luxurious hotel type service at sea, is more suitable for the elderly. Reporters learned that the cruise has no restrictions on travel age, 6 months of age can participate. Among them, more than 75 years of age must provide proof of health and doctors allow travel instructions. Everything will be built on the basis of the wishes of the elderly and health permits, we will fully cooperate with centenarians travel. We will actively mobilize the strength of the company, with the sea operations team communication, the formation of a service team to provide targeted services for centenarians." Wei Yu said that all the people who have the desire to travel is their service object. "In the past 70 years old are not taking a trip, but with the development of society, people’s living standards improved, more and better health status of the elderly, mentality is more young, they also have the right to like a young man, enjoy the happiness of travel." Reporters learned that the National Tourism Administration approved the release of the "travel" elderly tourism service standards will be implemented from September 1st onwards, the special provisions of the travel agency shall not refuse the old man s. In this regard, Wei Yu said: so far, the domestic travel service has not yet served as a precedent for the elderly out of the country." She believes that the service of centenarians outbound tourism, is a challenge, will enhance the service level of sea cruise. "To provide outbound services for the elderly, is to provide a happy travel for a wider range of tourist groups, but also for domestic tourism agencies to provide a better demonstration." As of the afternoon of August 28th to reporters before press time, a cruise route selection Tianhai has been sent to Liu Chengxin’s daughter Ms. Han. Next, Ms. Han will travel with Ctrip on the mother’s preparation and travel details.相关的主题文章: