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19 pieces of rare porcelain Changsha 100 ice very enjoy the stunning beauty of the crack in the original title: 19 pieces of rare ancient porcelain of Song Dynasty to enjoy the stunning Changsha 100 extremely broken ice crack beauty net Changsha November 4th news today, Hongkong huagting auction China tour of third station in Changsha Wanda Mandarin Hotel two floor held, exhibited a number of rare porcelain. By Changsha collectors attention. The exhibition featured 19 pieces of rare porcelain, with porcelain, including the xiuneisi Guan kiln horseshoe bowl, Song Ji, the Southern Song Dynasty celadon kiln tortoise shell glaze bowl Binglie Xianwen bottles, Song Qing white porcelain of Hutian kiln of Southern Song Dynasty Longquan, dragon unto the type of straight neck bottles, show the Yuan Dynasty, the Qing Dynasty porcelain products. At the Southern Song Dynasty celadon ice crack Xianwen bottles for the Southern Song Dynasty palace tour, the only surviving scarce, the Imperial Palace is also a. Experts said that the green glaze powder slightly blue, the pursuit for the Southern Song Dynasty Royal BrilliantColor, and the cloud After rain the sky looks blue. beyond the other color match, at the same time glaze kiln. At the same time, the Southern Song Dynasty celadon ice crack Xianwen bottles in open, showing a typical 100 extremely broken ice cracks, the opening in the Southern Song Dynasty kiln can only Xikou fired, while other kilns are present in the big piece, or open and small fight, but not the formation of ice layering, extremely broken ice crack gives a simple and beautiful visual impulse top 100. The exhibition exhibits are through the scientific identification of the true year, "DNA" proved genuine. The ceramic exhibits exhibitors will participate in the company’s 2016 China autumn art auction auction, all through science and technology and humanities appraisal model, the test report with the international organization for standardization ISO certification bodies, 165 countries and regions worldwide recognized. The Changsha tour for a period of two days, after will also travel to Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen, Hongkong and other places traveling exhibition, then in November 29th at the The Peninsula Hong Kong held a royal fall 2016 China art auction". (moment news reporter Intern Tang Honghui Wang Shurui)

19件珍稀古瓷惊艳长沙 领略百极碎冰裂纹之美 原标题:19件珍稀古瓷惊艳长沙 去领略宋瓷百极碎冰裂纹之美红网长沙11月4日讯 今日,香港皇廷拍卖中国巡展第三站在长沙万达文华酒店二楼举行,展出了一批珍稀古瓷,受到长沙藏家的关注。此次巡展共展出珍稀古瓷19件,以宋瓷为主,包括南宋修内司官窑马蹄形碗、宋吉州窑玳瑁釉碗、南宋青釉冰裂弦纹瓶、宋青白瓷湖田窑龙纹琮式瓶、南宋龙泉窑直颈瓶等,也展出了元朝、清朝的古瓷精品。展出的南宋青釉冰裂弦纹瓶为南宋宫廷赏器,存世稀少,目前故宫也仅存一件。专家介绍说,其釉色粉青中微微发蓝,为南宋皇室追求的极致色彩,可与汝窑雨过天晴云破处的釉色媲美,超越了同时期其他官窑的釉色。同时,此件南宋青釉冰裂弦纹瓶在开片上,呈现典型的百极碎冰裂纹,此种开片在南宋只有溪口窑能烧制出来,而其他窑口都是以大开片呈现,或打开片加细小开片,但不能形成冰裂的层次感,顶级的百极碎冰裂纹给人以古朴而至美的视觉冲动。此次巡展中展品都是通过科学鉴定了真实年份,有“DNA”检测证实的真品。参展的陶瓷展品将参加该公司2016秋季中国艺术品拍卖会,所有拍品都经过科技加人文的鉴宝模式,附有国际标准化组织ISO认证机构检测报告,全球165个国家地区认可。本次长沙巡展为期两天,之后还将前往上海、北京、深圳、香港等地巡回展出,然后在11月29日于香港半岛酒店举行“皇廷2016秋季中国艺术品拍卖会”。 (时刻新闻 记者 汤红辉 实习生 王书瑞)相关的主题文章: