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Software As the widely use of computer in many fields. You can use it get information about entertainment, knowledge and it is also used in business. So youd better have a fast running computer. I will give you three main reasons why you ought to learn knowledge about speeding up computer. 1. Increased Productivity If you go to work, computer is your necessary equipment to finish you work. Most time you have to use it to connect with others and exchange information to your business partners whether you are at home or at your office. So a lower running computer will affect your work efficiency. These problems such as viruses, bad programs will make your computer slower and even destroy your operating system. If you want to keep your work fast and smoothly, youd better maintain your computer properly. 2. Fewer Out-of-Pocket Expenses Most of computers have warranties, but the users dont realize that when the warranty had expired, they ought to spend their money to fix their computer. Actually, the computer may have some problems after using several years. Do we need to repair it or buy another one? All this methods will cost much money. We have a money-saving method. If you are take care of your computer since you brought it to your home, it can still work properly after several years. You should optimize your system regularly and update your programs which will save your much money and extent your computers life. 3. Better Gaming With the constantly producing of games, they require higher and higher computer configuration. It includes faster CPU, better video card, increased RAM and others, but the faster computer is the most important part. A computer with lots of spyware and viruses must be slower, so you need some tools such as a little PC care which can give you better gaming experience. You will have a computer with less lag, errors and disruptions so you can enjoy higher quality of gaming experience. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: