3 Ways Fire And Smoke Seals Keep You Safe-pgd-426

Reference-and-Education A fire is one of the worst things that could happen inside your home or office. Modern technology and fire fighting methods makes it easy to put out one. However, there is still a constant threat of a fire getting out of hand and being too much to handle. Fortunately, fire and smoke seals offer a helping hand in these kinds of situations. Here are a few ways on how these things keep you safe. 1.It prevents smoke from spreading. Not many people know that smoke from fire is as dangerous as the fire itself. Inhaling smoke causes serious health problems long after the fire is put out. The smoke often rises and tries to escape a burning building. This poses a significant threat to everyone trying to escape as well. Fire and smoke seals stop its advance by preventing it from seeping through cracks found around door frames and window panes. The effects can be confined to just one room. This means that it cannot spread any further beyond that point. 2.It prevents the fire from spreading. As mentioned earlier, a door and window seal prevents smoke from spreading. These things also have the same effect on fire. Keep in mind that fire needs oxygen to keep burning. It will surely stop once this gas runs out. In theory if a fire is kept to one room or part of the house, it should put itself out by exhausting its fuel supply. A fire seal lets you do this. The seal plugs the room and prevents fresh oxygen from leaking through a small crack. Unless someone with a lifehammer makes a huge hole in the wall, air is not likely to get through. 3.It makes escape relatively easier. Since the leaks are plugged, smoke cannot spread further from its source. It does not spread which means other parts of the building are kept smoke-free. Fire and smoke seals in a sense help you make a quick escape from any burning building. This is actually made easier since you can see exactly where you are going. No need to worry about stumbling into a fiery blaze once more. You have to remember that this open window will not last forever. Most sealants give you around 30 to 60 minutes to escape. A lifehammer on hand should make short work of any obstacles you encounter. As you can see, a fire and smoke seal is a very useful thing to have around the house. These are usually liquid-based sealants. They work best when applied on cracks and holes around window sills and door frames. Graphite-based sealants are also available. These are self adhesive and easy to install making them ideal for use when in a hurry. No need to worry about maintenance issues as well. You do not have to swing your lifehammer senseless to find these amazing products. A quick visit to your local hardware store or favorite online retailer should do the trick. Be sure to understand the product first before making a purchase. 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