30 report Xiamen Royal Investment week earned 6.68% won the Zhou Guanjun 3344111

30 report: Xiamen Royal Investment week earned 6.68% won the championship by the Tencent, financial week sponsored by China investment securities brokerage chief cooperation 2016 "world expert meeting" and "private – private equity division expert meeting today over third games for the week. "The beach walks" today reversed "CC", the first stop on the first position in the contest overall total return rate of 8.38%. Xiamen and Chengdu are the Royal Investment Fund, Shenzhen Wu Sheng Teng e capital scores of three institutions, 6.68%, 6.21% and 5.43% respectively in the weekly return week ranked the top three, they also become the third batch of private equity exchange institutions final promotion expert. A shares ending in September! The stock index fell 0.96% week insurance keep 3000 points the last trading day of September, two cities within a narrow range, the Shanghai index at 3000 points above the consolidation, the amount can continue to shrink again after fusing low plate showing broad trend. K-line fell 2.62%, the month end line three yang. At the close, stock index rose 0.21% points to 3004, Shenzhen Component Index rose 0.53% to close at 10567 points. This week A stock market as a whole showed shrinkage within a narrow range pattern, because the last week before the National Day holiday coincides with the scattered hot market, stock index fell 0.96% week, fell below the 3000 point mark, the last 2 days to recover. Overall, in such a market environment, the lack of money effect, private equity is also very difficult to achieve good results. "The children wandered beyond the" CC "stand on the position of" CC "after the title list has been stable and play accounted for the total ranking the top spot, but today the" beach walks "with single day gain of 0.9%, 8.38% of total revenue to stand on the top, but he and the" CC "8.29% of the total income gap less than 0.1%, believe that the next game will be more intense. Last week champion Liaoning investment "this week made only 0.52% of revenue, but with a total return of 6.43% in the total ranking third. Xiamen Royal Investment week earned 6.68% won the champion week week list "some people" (Xiamen Royal Investment) this week to make 6.68%, before the last day of force, won the "private expert meeting" third week race champion, and successfully qualify for the finals, in the next game, Xiamen Royal Investment participants will also directly exposing the surface. Chengdu, Shenzhen Wu Sheng Teng e fund capital scores respectively to 6.21%, 5.43% of the weekly return list of the week ranked runner up and second runner up, they will become the third batch of qualified private expert exchange "the final mechanism. Previously, Shanghai Ying Qi investment, Guangdong Vinci capital, Anhui Seoul investment, Liaoning arain investment, Guangdong Yu Rong investment, Shenzhen Qianhai Wo Taihua fund 6 private equity has been the first to the last. "Kai Ning" earned 4.34% wins on the champions heavyweight rankings, Wuchang, "Kai Ning" today to earn 4.34% wins, "YCF", Wuhan China joint venture respectively to 3.72% and 3.46% of the daily return rate was two or three. Take a look at the "Kai Ning" positions, he is currently the largest holding wuchangyu, shenzhenye A. Wuchang today go high opened, rose 7.45%, shenzhenye A also showed strong,!相关的主题文章: