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32 year old mother breastfeeding zero basis for judicial examination to become the champion of the province – the preparation of the new week by the normal, while holding the child, while reading a note. In order to coax her daughter, she was carrying the child, walking around, while holding a reference book to recite the legal law. In November 23rd, the capital of Philippines Manila, blue sea, blue sky, people chewing areca, sucking Coconut Juice, happy and pleased with oneself. Sichuan Yibin week left by walking in the Magellan era monuments, "Dong dong……" WeChat prompts the sound up. She opened it, is sent to domestic relatives news: "you are good, this year the province’s champion scott!" 22 am, in 2016 the national judicial examination results released by the results of the week is 448 points, ranking first in Sichuan, more than 2.7 candidates. It is worth mentioning that she is not a professional law background, and even no legal work experience. 32 years old, she is just a new mother, her daughter when she was only 5 months old. After her daughter was weaned for 10 months, she gave her daughter to her relatives to take care of her. She studied for about 13 hours a day. Zhou is the test tyrants, but also ordinary people. Sleepy, drinking coffee; neurasthenia insomnia, rely on medication adjustment; to her daughter, also played drums…… But she said, "I’ve always had a dream of being a lawyer." The week by Scott transcripts. Surprise 448 points won the province’s first feeling is just a dream in November 22nd, is the day of the judicial examination results, but not by the domestic week. 4 days ago, she and several friends from Guangzhou, travel to Philippines. The tour is planned long ago, ready for a week by the island tour, playing a week. 22 day, she and her friends came to Philippines, Cebu. After she got up early in the morning, open the mobile phone to query Scott results, when the examination finished, "the first three volumes, there are still 360 points to grasp the pass line." She entered the ID card and ticket number, the query scores, I can hardly believe." A volume 122, volume 112, volume three 109 points, the 105 points, a total score of 448 points. 448 points is a what concept? The national judicial examination is divided into 4 volumes, each volume 150, a total of 600 points, the national soul passing score is 360 points. According to the network data in recent 5 years, the national Scott pass rate has been hovering around 12%. Results can pass the line, it is not easy, can take more than 440 minutes are less. WCC reporter from the Sichuan Provincial Department to verify that, by the 448 week, this year is the highest judicial examination in Sichuan. Scott’s champion, this unexpected gift, let the week by both surprise and surprise ", she made a circle of friends:" never thought, a little feet not to feel, tell me, it is just a dream (tell me, this is just a dream)." Dream of undergraduate business administration has always wanted to be a lawyer when the judicial examination because it involves more content, difficulty, wisdom相关的主题文章: