16115th I predict Shuangseqiu number of continuous positive – Sohu pp点点通2006

Double chromosphere 16115th phase prediction: even number of continuous positive – Sohu 2016114 stage double chromosphere lottery results 051620222729 + 09, and the value climbed to 119 points, 0 road and value tail only one phase quickly back up. Before the 2016115 lottery, let us continue to refer to the double chromosphere today in history: the leading tool, to further analyze the code in the history of the 115 period, 12 period is relatively stable, followed by falling ball 02-03-01-01-02-02-01-07-03-03-01-01, code quality award 2016 positive, 115th should continue to consider the prime leader of the fall. Take another look at performance in the past 115 Phoenix number lottery, 3 prefix presents hot ball tail, the number as high as 7, 2 prefix interval values out of 4, the remaining period on the skewness of Phoenix end 18, because the first 2 historical period with the fall 322016115 Pteris Pteris should consider 2 prefix number back key Danma 26272829. And the following values in the year of 115 and the lowest value period: out of 76 (a total of two points respectively in 2008115 and 2014115), the maximum value at 134 points (in 2010115 period), the gap is not too large, this year’s 115 period and value should be taken into account in the vicinity of 110. In the 115 period of the history of the lottery, the odd number for poor performance, only 3 odd number group issued a continuous form of code, 2016115 can be excluded out of continuous odd numbers; even, continuous performance in the history of the 12 period is also very poor, out of a total of 3 groups form code, this period has a certain probability of covering. From the historical data of 12 basketball size of small numerical positive award, out of 8 of the maximum, even fall as high as 3, due to the recent three the same period in the history of basketball for 2016115 consecutive small basketball preferred large numerical rebound (size: 01-08 is small, 09-16 is big). Double 8+2 recommendation: 02,07,09,12,13,22,24,28 + 11,14 6+1:02,07,12,22,24,28 + 11

双色球第16115期预测:偶号连续积极-搜狐  2016114期双色球开奖结果05 16 20 22 27 29 + 09,和值攀升至119点,0路和值尾仅隔一期迅速回补。在2016115期开奖之前,让我们继续参考双色球历史上的今天工具,来进一步分析:   龙头码在历史115期出号较为平稳,12期依次落球02-03-01-01-02-02-01-07-03-03-01-01,质码上奖积极,2016第115期应继续考虑质数龙头的落号。   再来关注一下凤尾号码在历年的115期开奖表现,3字头凤尾呈现热态,落球次数高达7期,2字头区间的数值仅开出4期,剩余一期开出偏态凤尾18,由于前2个历史同期的凤尾同落32,2016115期凤尾应考虑2字头号码的反扑,重点胆码26 27 28 29。   和值在往年的115期表现如下:和值最低数值开出76点(共计两期,分别发生在2008115期及2014115期),最大数值开出134点(发生在2010115期),落差不算太大,本年度的115期和值应考虑在110点附近。   在115期历史开奖中,奇号连续表现极差,仅开出3组奇号连续形态码,2016115期可考虑排除奇号连续的开出;偶号连续在历史12期中表现也极差,共计开出3组形态码,本期有一定的回补机率。   蓝球从历史12期的大小数据来看,小数值积极上奖,开出8期之多,最大连落高达3期,由于最近三个历史同期的蓝球连续为小,2016115期蓝球首选大数值的反弹(大小:01-08为小,09-16为大 )。   复式8+2推荐:02,07,09,12,13,22,24,28 + 11,14   6+1:02,07,12,22,24,28 + 11相关的主题文章: