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Haibei held memorial day memorial activities – Qinghai Channel – people.com.cn in order to further promote the "two a" learning education, conscientiously implement the general secretary Xi Jinping to the people firmly establish a correct view of the motherland, national outlook, promote the socialist core value system and the socialist core values ", September 30th, I state held in Haiyan County martyrs cemetery of martyrs memorial memorial activities. The county team members and state inspection organs, Haiyan County, the new Congress, NPC deputies and CPPCC members, each unit, in the state and county troops, students, the township representatives were more than 1200 people attended the memorial activities. The memorial activities began in the solemn national anthem, the state and county four leading to the monument to revolutionary martyrs presented wreaths, all the staff of silence and gun salute. The young pioneers sing "we are the successors of communism", all the staff to pay tribute to the Martyrs Monument, martyrs tomb, the venue has been shrouded in solemn, solemn, solemn atmosphere. This is my state memorial activities to further deepen the "two a" learning education, effectively promote the learning to do one of the important contents of the state is to forget the beginning of the heart, continue to move "as the theme of the" seven "extension, from the theoretical study to the field of teaching development, enrich the" two a "learning education carrier. Through activities, all Party members and cadres accepted a baptism of mind and profound revolutionary traditional education, which further enhanced civic awareness and national consciousness, and further stimulated the sense of responsibility, enterprising spirit and practical work style of Party members in the county. Representatives and members of the activities have said that they will cherish the honor, consciously comply with the requirements of the general assembly, conscientiously perform their duties, and correct democratic rights. The majority of Party members is determined to further strengthen their ideals and beliefs, strict with oneself, make contributions based on position, do not forget to early heart, continue to move forward. In carrying out the memorial activities at the same time, relying on the Atomic City memorial site and the "two bombs and one satellite" spirit of the spirit of education base of WeChat public, to carry out online in the mainstream website and WeChat micro-blog platform flowers message activities. (commissioning editor Zhang Zhiping and Yang Yang)

海北举行烈士纪念日公祭活动–青海频道–人民网 为深入推进“两学一做”学习教育,认真贯彻落实习近平总书记“要在各族群众中牢固树立正确的祖国观、民族观,弘扬社会主义核心价值体系和社会主义核心价值观”要求,9月30日,我州在海晏县烈士陵园举行烈士纪念日公祭活动。州县各大班子成员及州县直各机关单位,海晏县新一届党代会、人大代表和政协委员,省驻州县各单位、部队官兵、学生、各乡镇代表共1200余人参加公祭活动。 公祭活动在庄严的国歌声中开始,州县四大班子领导向革命烈士纪念碑敬献花篮,全体人员默哀并鸣炮致敬。少先队员献唱《我们是共产主义接班人》,全体人员瞻仰烈士纪念碑、祭扫烈士墓,会场始终笼罩在庄严、肃穆、隆重的氛围之中。 此次公祭活动是我州进一步深化“两学一做”学习教育,有效促进学做结合的重要内容之一,是全州以“不忘初心、继续前进”为主题的“七个一”活动的延伸,实现由理论学习向现场教学拓展,丰富了“两学一做”学习教育载体。通过活动,全体党员干部群众接受了一次心灵思想上的洗礼和深刻的革命传统教育,进一步增强了公民意识、国家意识,进一步激发了全县党员的责任意识、进取精神和实干作风。参加活动的代表委员们纷纷表示:将倍加珍惜荣誉,自觉遵守换届要求,认真履职,正确民主权利。广大党员也决心进一步坚定理想信念,严于律己,立足岗位做贡献,不忘初心、继续前进。在开展公祭活动的同时,依托原子城纪念馆网站和“两弹一星”精神党性教育基地微信公众号,在各主流网站和微信微博平台开展网上献花留言活动。 (责编:张志平、杨阳)相关的主题文章: