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Brazil recommended: low water value refers to the Barana athletics trust Sohu SMG football Monday 005: Barana VS Botta Fuego competitive game time: 2016-8-30 07:00 Tuesday asian handicap: 0.80 tie 1.08 hemisphere average index: 2.05 3.45 3.30 scout Intelligence: Barana athletic recently state is not ideal, the race for four games in 0:1 the Brazil Cup defeat, was eliminated, the League losing streak, double setback, morale blow. The last six games have five games by zero seal, offensive team is currently the biggest problem is the downturn. Botta Fuego on a 3:0 win over the Recife sports, made two league wins, away from the relegation zone, the team morale, nearly four rounds and scored seven goals, attack earlier improved significantly. This challenge is the poor state of the Barana athletic team in three. Scout data analysis: for the first time this season against Botta Fuego 2:1 win, but the team nearly four times at Barana athletic defeated the whole experience, the obvious disadvantage, during appeared a total of four red cards, the scene is quite fierce; this field team to make flat half concessions, to maintain a low hanging water interval, considering the performance advantages, it has made the hot plate the suspect. The compensate, mainstream institutions have reduced the compensation level, efforts to prevent full, this battle should pay attention to the draw. SMG Shengping Fu recommended: 31 disc recommended: Botta Fuego score recommended: 1:1, 1:0

巴西甲推荐:亚指低水 巴拉纳竞技值信赖-搜狐  竞彩足球周一005 : 巴拉纳竞技 VS 博塔弗戈   比赛时间:2016-8-30 星期二 07:00   亚洲盘口:0.80 平手 半球 1.08   平均指数:2.05 3.45 3.30   球探情报分析:   巴拉纳竞技最近状态十分不理想,各项赛事连续四场比赛均以0:1落败,巴西杯被淘汰出局,联赛三连败,双线受挫,士气大受打击。近六场比赛有五场被零封,进攻端低迷是球队目前最大的问题。而博塔弗戈上一轮3:0完胜累西腓体育,取得联赛两连胜,暂时逃离降级区,士气大振,球队近四轮打进七球,攻击力较此前明显提升。此番挑战状态不佳的巴拉纳竞技,球队志在三分。   球探数据分析:   本赛季首次交手博塔弗戈2:1胜出,不过球队近四次作客巴拉纳竞技遭遇全败,劣势明显,期间一共出现四张红牌,场面颇为激烈;今场主队作出平半让步,上盘保持低水区间,考虑到主队往绩优势明显,此举有造热上盘的嫌疑。欧赔方面,主流机构纷纷下调平赔,防范力度十足,今仗需注意平局。   竞彩胜平负推荐:31   亚盘推荐:博塔弗戈   比分推荐:1:1,1:0相关的主题文章: