George · Orwell told the British intelligence department blacklist

George · Orwell told the British intelligence department blacklist [Abstract] when G Wan told Orwell, IRD need to gather intelligence to deal with Stalin and the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, he readily agreed to cooperate, and from the beginning of his career in the Western intellectuals in double. George · Orwell; Author: Liu He introduction: Cambridge high table dinner time, M professor at the University of Cambridge Saint John college teacher invited me to attend the high table dinner. High table, is a long table restaurant exclusively for teachers, it is usually the main top of yaw in the restaurant, where the position of one or two steps higher than the students’ dining table on the ground, although the teachers and students in the same restaurant meal, but the level of teachers and students is maintained by the high Zhuolai, therefore, as the name suggests, called High Table. From there, a teacher or a low table overlooking the supervision of students, students also have the opportunity to observe the occurrence of high table things, and whisper, spread some gossip about Professor private life and anecdotes. However, I was in Saint John on the night of the school, the students have a holiday home, the restaurant is quieter than ever. Cambridge high table dining traditions, like Oxford, Delerm Britain’s oldest university, after hundreds of years of continuing to maintain. The British love of traditional culture, as long as these look at the preservation of the etiquette, it is clear. It is not only for me, I am afraid, but also for any modern Chinese, both visually and mentally. Sitting opposite me is a senior fellow at the Saint John institute. A professor of linguistics knows more than and 20 languages in the world, except in chinese. During dinner, he likes to discuss Chinese and Chinese characters. For example, the British Cambridge (Cambridge), the name of how to translate into Chinese? Why the translation of "failed to Cambridge" handed down? Professor of linguistics of intense interest to hear. Sitting on the right side of the professor M interjected: do you remember Joseph Needham (Joseph Needham)? He looked up at the professor of linguistics. Of course, I heard that his Chinese is self-taught, very impressive, Professor of linguistics can not help but praise. Guess what the first Chinese word he learned? I don’t know. Did you hear him? "Cigarette". For a beginner, these two words are not easy to write. Professor M, Professor of linguistics at hand gestures to explain M, a professor at the University of Cambridge Chinese taught history, his Chinese foundation is very good. Curious, I asked, "did you know him when Joseph Needham was alive? The two of them looked at each other and laughed, Professor M said: "nobody knows you. Professor of linguistics then said: we have a large number of scientists in Cambridge red, the two most famous genius, is a biochemist Joseph Needham, another I am afraid you have not heard, gehangrugeshan. He is a great physicist Bernard (J.D. Bernal), nicknamed "the wise man". The two men from the University, he believed in socialism, then, a support Mao Zedong, another to defend Stalin, you say strange not strange will never change even unto death. This is the first time I’ve heard of Cambridge.相关的主题文章: