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Lexus future the cheapest SUV prototype etc. Guangzhou auto show concept car – car / automobile Sohu Sohu summary 2016 Guangzhou auto show]2016 Guangzhou auto show to the public has just begun, for most automotive media people have come to an end. After numerous reports of the first episode of the new car, the prophet decided to talk about the show’s attention is not high, but the far-reaching influence of the concept of the group – concept car. To know the exhibitors’ production car, often very simple, but then strive to enhance the popularity of good market performance; but the concept car is more complex, can not be generalized, or the spread of ideas, or to show off the technical strength, or a production car forward, so the prophet king will classify the show concept car, and one by one. New energy – a serious reflection on the future of new energy for the automotive sector, the pivotal! New energy is not only the existing gasoline version of the model to dismantle the engine mounted on the battery pack of the joke, but the real, we are not aware of the new way of travel. Whether oil will dry up, the time has come to be well established, and automakers need to think more to touch the edge of a new era. The good news is that this show several new energy concept car is the "expression" of the future insights, including independent brand, and whether these ideas were later proved to be right or wrong, is a good thing for the moment. The concept of class — the brand spokesman revealed that not all concept car, can be found in the corresponding production car in the world, sometimes they just show some of the ideas, and won’t make it out and put it in the market to sell. For example, the Roewe concept Vision-R will not mass production, but the next time Roewe each production car will inherit the design idea; of course, the so-called "idea" is not confined to the other level, or technological innovation, product positioning, shaping or pure gimmick… Production prototype — with the car meet this kind of consumers are closely related to the concept car, means that you can find a similar production car in the market shortly after they are to complete the "warm-up", is already very high, and even can be said to have everything ready for mass production. This kind of concept often most closely relates with the consumer, recently not too much gas, a powerful and unconstrained style ideas, to attract attention, for the future production version enough high popularity is the ultimate goal. Summary: 2016 Guangzhou auto show concept car number, means that the domestic auto market is more mature. For foreign car brands, car show concept represents the degree of attention, not simply the introduction of some models, but to China consumers as the origin, tailored, and intensify propaganda; for independent brands, the more fortunate part of "domestic car" has not satisfied to enhance the texture or reliability, they tried to promote the concept car design. Scientific and technological achievements, and even their own views on the new era.相关的主题文章: