[point] fatego tour with Orlean girl Zhen De souls of Archaeology wegener肉芽肿

[tour] "Fate GO" with little girl Zhen De Orlean: Ghost archaeology [Sina game Zhuangao unauthorized reprint], "Fate Grand Order" (FGO, Chinese translation "destiny – coronal" on the specified service line) has been more than a year, the game was BUG, a frequent slag like system from time to time optimization, deep fried bully server problems such as criticism, at the same time pumping card system game cheating is to let the African game player was named the game player complain incessantly, the wrath of God pit "quanqian". However, despite the poor everywhere, FGO still in the App Store bestseller list on the top, had to sigh Fate faithful Khorium ability of FGO and let the game player cursing out of the charm lies. "Fate Grand Order": Orlean and Zhen De young souls of Archaeology in many of the highly anticipated game player, last year won the FGO national service agency BiliBili finally opened shortly before the closed beta, Fate Grand View of the world was once again presented in front of more domestic game player. The game was Fate series many souls in a church, including the well-known stay hair king, red A, of course, there is more you may not be too familiar with the "new faces". The recent tour point PA column is for everyone to bring a wave of "Fate Grand Order" together with the souls of archaeology, history and myth in approaching these heroes. Today to introduce is France had led to the victory of the young souls — Joan of arc in the hundred years’ war. Zhen De: in the history of France to death Zhen De (Jeanne D "Arc, 1412-1431), invasion in the hundred years war led the French army against the British army, military exploits, by the French national hero, after the captured and framed charges and sentenced to the stake. This is Joan was born in a small village in northeastern France ordinary rural girls, no combat experience, even illiterate. At the age of 16 allegedly suffered "miracles" in the village after the tree meets the big angel michaelsberg, Saint Margaret and Saint Catherine, in order to get the "God’s revelation", asked her to get rid of England and recover the lost land and help the prince coronation. Then she asks a relatives to take her to the neighboring town of vaucouleurs and request take her to the prince, where to Chinon the local garrison commander Bo hang cool, but was was a mockery. Joan meet angel — michaelsberg however this did not let Joan this a few months later she beat a retreat, in support of the two soldiers come again to meet with Bo hang Kurt, and predicted that French will defeat in the battle of Orlean herring, and a few days later the front came the news confirmed Joan’s prophecy, Bo hang Kool finally agreed to escorted her to meet Prince Charlie diderot. She disguised herself as a man, through enemy territory of Burgundy vast, through hardships finally arrived at chinon. The descendants of Joan of arc uniform hand-painted photos, the hands of the flag is a sign of her during the meeting,.相关的主题文章: