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Have you heard what is the most sad words or sentences? Click on the top – Sohu pay attention to my daily walk with the wind in the cloud – Interactive topic sad cry you heard what is the most sad words or sentences? See the bottom of the article topic of today we have love, think of sad I had you, really make me sad — -Xu Chu Yan I pay for you so many years of youth in exchange for a "thank you for the sake of lkkkky — a little, you is my woman less, and you spend a lifetime — XQ" I want to touch your hair, just a simple test. "Every time apart to hug her, even for a time but in the end will be withdrawn — Clemont could not find a reason to embrace Valentine finally unavoidably become friends — Cindy cute ‘he did not mention that I love you you have every word I want to ~ – Ice * Don’t find can not find, God has been so busy This will come to her, don’t look for — you meet the man is me, do you know or know but pretend not to know the man Aska Yang ", first heard this song heard the chorus when you had a broken heart there is love and not many people but still accompany only hope to be loved by you — I love you but only soda here — Kellay on the road we have to take good care of yourself to regret not disturb — half drunk day never mind you don’t give me a chance since I have a lifetime can be wasted — wasted I miss after a fight is still the impulse to want to love you — my personal Joker Eat travel around stop a person also read a letter talk to myself — Zhai Xinyu you do not appear in the scene that my wedding I listened to your favorite songs on the car — Seventeen year old heartbeat kissed his face that he could never smoke — and I believe that some people I never have so I understand why cry in the darkness — did not mind that you are I most want to keep our original and lucky love ever so close…… Your dear Wang Dajing — some people walked on the loose some things look pale — L. I love spread in miles near hear your breath as long as you turn around, I am here — meow ~ "?" to today’s interactive topic like people do the spare tire is what experience? The topic of interaction directly message in the background (wind + your content) every day many news background must be in accordance with the format can be anonymous to shield the interactive topic by friends circle of friends, is a kind of experience? Which is fine?相关的主题文章: