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Workplace change show! The OL sisters all love to work with mix to a chaos dressing "embarrassing" season, difficult to grasp the time difference, we also began to dress for fashion But, confused… Fine, it is time to play the fashionable wind mix. If you have to dress up already did not have any office fresh, look at today’s content, see the OL sisters in this season is how to mix and match a nice work eye-catching outfit, to look for inspiration! Personality "wear" dress gradually cool climate, to dress in a more suitable for playing, also be nothing difficult to mix. And formal, simple assembly together, not only to show a sense of hierarchy, full of charm. Dress shirt, T-shirt collocation low-key and stylish, and after the autumn with a coat, windbreaker, let this autumn become out of the ordinary. Suspender skirt by the tide of the people of all walks of life, so that the dress becomes clever personality full. Don’t know how to set up a sister paper, quickly look at these beautiful demonstration! Want to become a workplace goddess, may wish to learn Alexa Chung collocation a simple white shirt printed sling dresses, daily wear shirts in the formation of a strong contrast with the luxurious dress, simple reveal a luxury. Flowers dress Neon Rose $115 white shirt cuff fork Pendant BC $992 (all available in the fashion diary APP platform) pajamas wind this year so the fire, also can wear to work! Silk dress suspenders wayward and white T-shirt and jeans ride together, show the beauty of the whims of pace. The purple shirt + color wide stripe suspenders skirt, gorgeous color, help you the United States and the United States to grab the lens. Entering the workplace can dress collocation with sister paper taro such as purple shirt, without losing the little girl cute. Romantic bow ribbon shirt, with the wavelet collocation of decoration, dress, pantyhose, sweet. The popularity of the office workplace Mack daddy 4 blue butterfly dress shirt style English Factory $158 black low cut knitted vest skirt English Factory $174 (all available in the fashion journal APP platform) a short hair girl can even go cool route Girl, "the dog" + Sunglasses near the body, who would dare give you "rookie" label. "Junk" white shoes white shoes Street fire but when the Big Star Cafe, to tide fashion editors a pair of hands. Commuter equipment plus a pair of white shoes, you immediately trendy stylish, white shoes rotten is not afraid, because this year is to put it through the old to wear stylish! Wide leg pants with white shoes is really fashionable, quite handsome aura, high-heeled shoes you white shoes, comfortable and fan children oh! White coat + + color stripe T-shirt pencil skirt, white shoes at the foot of the other will undoubtedly add a sense of youth, the people are more alive. Casual striped shirt + white seven wide leg pants, red scarf with white feet, break the boring work. Loose Gray Striped T-shirt Glamorous $187 white wide leg pants Neon Rose $134 (all available in the fashion diary APP platform) soon 9相关的主题文章: