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Do you understand the alarm signal from the car? Sohu is our daily vehicle will be used in the use of means of transport, days and months multiplying not occur, avoid some loss and failure, but if we are usually in use, can watch it, signals will be able to read the vehicle, to avoid greater losses, or even an accident. First, when the speed of the car is not easy or when we start the vehicle, the engine will generally be in 30 seconds, back to the idle state, at this time, the engine speed will generally be maintained at around 800rpm. If you find the vehicle shake badly, tachometer swing up and down drastically, that the vehicle appeared idle shake state. In general, there are three reasons for this phenomenon: 1, spark plug, nozzle or engine valve caused by carbon deposition. After a long period of use of the engine, it is inevitable to form carbon deposits in these places. With the accumulation of carbon, it will destroy the normal engine oil and gas mixture, affecting the ignition quality of the cylinder and the efficiency of the intake and exhaust, resulting in a significant engine jitter. 2, the oil pressure is not stable. If the spark plug, the nozzle and the valve are relatively new, you need to use the instrument to check to check the fuel supply pressure and intake pressure sensor 3, engine, engine bracket foot aging or loose. The foot is the engine engine suspension system, engine foot is responsible for the slight jitter absorption in operation when the engine, if the engine foot problems, these vibrations will be transmitted to the steering wheel, the cab. General vehicles in the factory, will be in these parts of the screw with a paint pen to mark, while observation. Two, the difficulty of starting the vehicle difficult to start, in addition to the above factors affect the idling oil and gas mixture, but also with the battery power and the working conditions of the ignition coil. As our common owners, only after the start of the difficult situation, the battery to do a check on it, to confirm the adequacy of the battery and whether the electrolyte leakage or drum. If so, should be replaced in a timely manner. Three, running or if the vehicle braking deviation during normal driving, there will be the phenomenon of deviation. The first, the need to observe, the side bias tire pressure is normal. Secondly, in the repair shop, do a 4 wheel positioning check to ensure that the 4 wheels are in the normal positioning adjustment. The braking deviation, is when we put on the brakes, the vehicle can not stop line, but there will be the phenomenon of deviation. When this phenomenon occurs when power asymmetry that vehicles on the left and right side of the braking force is smaller, braking loss we need the left and right are replaced by new ones, in order to ensure the vehicle braking force on both sides of the agreement. Four, vehicle shock filter effect is poor, a particularly large amplitude direction when the vehicle is in after a bumpy road, found a lot of vehicle shock filtering effect is worse than before, and the amplitude range of a particularly large, it is probably possible leakage of the vehicle suspension. On both sides of the uneven stress will lead to the control of vehicle is blocked, can cause fetal deviation to eat and if things go on like this. Five!相关的主题文章: