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Humen River Bridge is expected by the end of cable – Beijing, Beijing, Guangzhou, October 9, (Cai Minjie Ouyang Zhengzhao) Guangdong Provincial Communications Group 9 news release, Humen bridge project, Suidobashi tower tower cap, Da Sha Suidobashi will enter the construction phase, expected this year the implementation of cable crossing. Humen bridge length of 12.89 kilometers, there are two kilometers across the river level super steel box girder suspension bridge across the board. The cap belongs to the main tower of Da Sha River Bridge, 191.1 meters high, the equivalent of 64 storeys high. The main tower with a door frame structure, composed of tower and beam, up and down two beams, the tower is a reinforced concrete structure, beam for prestressed concrete structure. This is the difficulty and the key control project of Humen bridge. Humen bridge, Twin Towers channel bridge is a single span suspension bridge, East Twin Towers capped for the next success across a steel box girder suspension pivot. After entering the superstructure, the cable crossing the river is the first consideration. The main tower of nizhou Waterway Bridge 260 meters high tower under construction, currently has more than 160 meters, is expected in February next year completed. According to the person in charge of Humen bridge project, is expected to implement the guide rope traction cable across the river at the end of this year, then the project into a comprehensive system of cable construction. After the completion of Humen bridge, Humen bridge traffic pressure will be shared, such as from Nansha to Dongguan by the Tung Chung in just 10 minutes, while Shunde, Foshan and other places to go to Dongguan will save nearly 40 minutes. At the same time, the project will strengthen the Pearl River East and West links, and promote the integration of the Pearl River Delta regional economic integration and infrastructure development. (end)相关的主题文章: