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The first equipped with Qualcomm 820 AR glasses light wind pushing integrated two generation product – Sohu technology intellectual stuff (public No.: zhidxcom) the | April November 8th news, AR startup bright wind Taiwan launched the second generation mobile AR glasses. Last November, the bright wind Taiwan launched the first binocular AR prototype glasses. After a lapse of one year, this veteran team from the Shanghai launched the two generation of HiAR Glasses, in the way of experience and structural design of a major breakthrough in the IT. In addition, in the application of image recognition technology and AR SDK on the bottom, light wind station said has been working with Tencent, Xinjiang, Meitu Xiu Xiu and other companies. The second generation HiAR Glasses compared to a generation of products, the biggest upgrade is the use of integrated design. According to the partners in the branch of the two generation of HiAR Glasses is the industry’s first 820 equipped with Qualcomm snapdragon chip AR glasses, FOV angle of about 30 degrees. In the field of view of the selection, according to Liang Feng CEO Liao Chunyuan introduction, the 39 degree of view is the result of a comprehensive consideration of the design of glasses, if the use of helmet design field of view can have room for improvement. Front 13 million pixel camera, a wide-angle lens of 82.2 degrees, can achieve rapid focus, which is the current AR glasses project configuration of the highest camera. In addition, through the Israeli optical company Iunity cooperation, the two generation of HiAR Glasses configuration of the depth of the camera lens, built-in minimum size binocular stereo gesture recognition module. The optical module provided by Snyder, voice interaction program provided by the cloud known sound. The two generation of HiAR Glasses using the surface wave guiding character projection system, including shading lenses, optical display lens, lens comfort three parts. In addition, the two generation HiAR Glasses built-in 3 axis gyroscope, compass GPS sensors. In the interactive mode, the two generation of HiAR Glasses using head rotation, voice interaction, external environment, gestures and other means of input information, embedded in the sensor can realize the automatic sleep and wake up. In the software aspect, the two generation of HiAR Glasses Hi AR built-in OS system, vision presentation software icon to 3D, the three-dimensional model demonstration. The structure design, the two generation of HiAR Glasses by frame and exit foot design of magnesium alloy material, the weight of the body before and after the nose section, in order to achieve comfortable wearing experience. In order to deal with the problem of heat dissipation, the two generation of HiAR Glasses did not use fan exhaust heat, using near military level pure passive cooling mode, built with 230 cooling holes. Microphone with near ear design, and retain the power button, touch panel design. At the application level, Liang Feng show the scene with the Hebei Normal University,, the terrain environment demonstration, providing Tencent AR torch relay application of the underlying technology. In terms of the experience of the product experience on the site, wearing the two generation of HiAR Glasses glasses to experience a part of the planet’s space Demo, through gestures, touchpad for far myopia.相关的主题文章: