Tourists in Baiyangdian lotus fined 500 yuan scenic spot by Bao Anding coreldraw快捷键大全

Tourists will be fined 500 yuan in Baiyangdian scenic spot picking lotus: the amount by Bao Anding the morning of October 6th, Hubei tourists Wang Xingchao told reporters, because the 13 year old children picked a lotus in the Hebei Baiyangdian scenic Lotus Park attractions, he was fined 500 yuan, "I think it is not reasonable", but he said it could not provide tickets and a receipt. Wang Xingchao recalls, October 4th morning at about ten of the one family in the Baiyangdian area, in the Lotus Park attractions when children reach for a blooming lotus, "shall we go on the road, the lotus will be able to reach out, he gently picked down". Baiyangdian lotus Wang Xingchao said, then around a few wearing "security" uniforms man appeared, and required to pay a fine of 500 yuan, Wang Xingchao said, "I think too much, but the security guard said they did not approach the provisions of the security department". According to Wang Xingchao introduction, he paid a fine left, did not ask whether there is a corresponding receipt, we are too hot to go without asking him to invoice." In addition, Wang Xingchao also said, "at that time the security with some attractions in the horn, stood apart, the speaker says flowers will be fined, but did not specifically say how much penalty." Baiyangdian lotus in October 6th at noon, Hebei Baiyangdian scenic spot ticket hall staff said that the fine behavior is composed of various scenic spots in the scenic spots to develop and implement, "you will be fined in the Lotus Park to ask garden staff." A staff member surnamed Ma Baiyangdian lotus garden scenic spot told reporters, do have provisions to fine flowers behavior, spots have clearly identified "to remind visitors not pick, and offenders fined, the corresponding rules can be seen in the way visitors to pass," fine is to prohibit arbitrary picking behavior, avoid the destruction of the scenery." The staff member surnamed Ma said, "the regulations did not explicitly say that picking a flower flower pick two fined 500 yuan, fined 1000 yuan, the specific amount of fines depending on the circumstances and. According to him, the specific amount of security decisions imposed by the fine, the seriousness of the case by the judge. The staff also said that Mr. Wang is currently unable to determine the implementation of penalty which is the security, "if you can provide a specific location, security penalty appearance, can go to understand negotiation." He said that he was not at the scene of the situation can not be judged, but the penalty should not be a personal act of security, received a fine we have to report to the leadership, unified treatment." In addition, according to the staff member surnamed Ma, Baiyangdian Lotus Park scenic spots from his Hebei Baiyangdian Lotus Garden Limited company operations, by the Baiyangdian scenic zone unified management, all the management provisions including fines, are required to report, agreed to implement.相关的主题文章: