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Yang Wei: gender issues in art in recent years, with the rise of feminism, about female art exhibitions and discussion are also more and more, that female art has become a specialized vocabulary, have been incorporated into the various versions of the history of art. So, is there such a strong female consciousness in art, or is there such a clear gender difference? The answer should be yes. However, the problem is not so simple, just like feminism is not a single narrative, but contains a rich hierarchy. Women and men of art and art is not quite distinct from each other, often is acommunity. In fact, whether it is women’s art, or male art, today is covered by social consciousness, has become part of the community. This is a common feature of contemporary art. It is this kind of social participation, so that the girls are not sensitive to the realization of the right to speak, in fact, is dominated by men, with an academic term is the social patriarchy". Thus, there is a feminist. It should be said that the rise of the feminist movement, the birth of the concept of female art, in the past even if there is the creation of female artists, but there is no such definition and special vocabulary. That is to say, the concept of women’s art, is accompanied by the awakening of self, which is against the male as the object, shelling out from a certain antagonism in. However, the rise of feminism, there are not only many serious social problems, such as broken families, single mothers, children and the AIDS epidemic and so on; at the same time, but also makes more and more involved in the affairs of society women, aware of the equality process is actually put on the larger chains. That is, from the original unilateral social shackles, and become a social and self dual shackles. Therefore, feminism began to self reflection. This feminist, no longer for men, but beyond the topic of women, from a philosophical perspective to rethink the social and self. Changes in women’s art. As far as China is concerned, it can be regarded as a watershed in the development of women’s art in the modern art exhibition in 1989. That is to say, the shot of the Xiao Lu, as a kind of strong antagonism, broke the modern feminism, and opened the prelude to the modern feminism. In fact, the female art in Chinese, it is after 1990s began to rise gradually, female artists and male artists together to participate in the social process, the differentiation of different perspectives and explore the path. Of course, in today’s society in the rapidly changing, already with the past different heaven and earth. Cultural differences, ethnic conflict, income inequality, environmental pollution, human rights, and the belief crisis of contradictions and problems and so on and so on, would replace the conflict between men and women, has become the contemporary society is more prominent, but also more difficult problems. No matter male artists or female artists, these problems can not be avoided. Therefore, the common cultural pertinence, resulting in the context of contemporary art. However, in spite of a problem consciousness, but the expression of male and female artists, there are still some newspapers相关的主题文章: