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"Captain Sally" hit North American Tom · Hanks is still the best actor Tom · Hanks Beijing News from either the theme or plot, or lineup configuration, "Captain Sally" seems to be a well of the movie, but to the North American film market with unusual surprise. The film released in North America last month, in a single Hall over US $score cut down $35 million 500 thousand at the box office over the weekend three days, won the 2016 North American film market fall head become champion, Tom · Hanks following the 2009 "angels and demons" won the first real starring works. Budget of nearly $60 million of the film, has now accumulated more than 100 million U.S. dollars at the box office. Reputation also won the audience and critics, the IMDb score was 7.9 points, rotten tomatoes freshness 82%, Metacritic score of 74 (out of 100), according to Cinema Score, the evaluation of the audience average from A+ to F between the fall A". With a wonderful performance in the film, the awards season has not yet officially started, Hanks will be the first of the twentieth Hollywood Film Festival winner in the bag. In "Captain Sally" before, Hanks has long been nominated for an Oscar nominated actor, whether the film by the spoils so many fans expect, although the film also failed to introduce China mainland, but watercress has given a score of 8.3, many foreign media predicted the film is this year’s "hot flushes Austria". The story behind the article: "the real events and event captain Sally" based on a true story, the writer Todd · C Mar Niki Sally’s autobiography "highest" accused to rewrite the screenplay, story called "Hodson miracle" crash incident. In January 15, 2009, the protagonist Sally as captain in the US Airways Flight 1549, the plane was hit Brant during takeoff, causing two engine flameout at the same time, Sally decided to emergency landing in the Hudson River, at the end of the 155 passengers and crew miraculously survived. Later Sally is known as the hero of the media, but all he challenged safety review committee, that he can choose to return to the La Guardia Airport, rather than a high risk of the river landing, in all sorts of review, the final success of Sally for his name. The story is not novel, the outcome can be easily guessed, but director Clint want the audience to look at the other side of the hero Sally. Sally to the heart of the film and the nightmare as the beginning of the nightmare, he did not successfully landed the plane, but hit the building, exposing the doubts of his own: Sally really do it? On the side of Sally by the people of hero worship, to stand side investigators blame and questioning the landing is the right choice for the whole machine or above suspicion doubt, take human lives to bet? Clint revealed that the story is mainly concentrated in the test of public opinion after the accident, all survivors, which is the worst case of the best results. Many people only know that Sally landing facts, but do not know this is a lot of research to this incident cast a shadow,"相关的主题文章: