Tokyo Olympic investigation team leader Andouble government inaction carmex润唇膏

Tokyo Olympic team official: the Andouble administration is not as the original title: Tokyo Olympic team official questioned Andouble batch of Japanese government as Beijing on 14 October, according to Japanese media reports, Japan Tokyo special adviser to the Tokyo Olympic Games and Paralympic Games Games cost verification survey group co ordinator, Professor Kamiyama Nobuhito of Keio University 13 this month, in an interview with Japanese media pointed out that the success of the game cannot do without the participation of the state, if is always a negative attitude, not the advice on the preparation and operation. According to reports, the mountain said, to assume the responsibility for the safety of the game is the government, that the Japanese central government should include the development of the game, including the development of relevant countermeasures, but did not participate in the discussion of the venue construction. He mercilessly pointed out that this is not concerned about the attitude of slack ". Hill also pointed out that when the Japanese Prime Minister Abe Shinzo bid to host the disaster area to rebuild the Olympic Games, saying, "since the commitment to the world, the government should take the responsibility to achieve (in the disaster area to do the race)". He further criticized Andouble at the Rio Olympics Closing Ceremony debut "just to debut in the magnificent stage, and the relationship between the Japanese government and the organizing committee questioned says that" the state had no contribution, but the system and personnel to make irresponsible remarks, this approach doesn’t make sense". On the construction of venues outside Tokyo, up the mountain that has been adjusted through the plan to reduce the cost, Tokyo should also be part of the burden of the law. He also said that not only is the local government, the Japanese central government should also be given subsidies, etc., need to develop the allocation rules, but because the country said a penny is not out, it is difficult to promote". The survey form on rowing and canoeing games will change the long marsh field rowing tome in Miyagi Prefecture in Japan, puts forward 9 problems of bocog. The "solution" all had included the Miyagi Prefecture description, do not have to worry too much. Editor: Kang Yunkai相关的主题文章: