Husband and wife to quarrel must not say these 6 words 驯龙高手dm456

Husband and wife quarrel do not say these 6 words lead: the couple quarrel, then normal, because this is between husband and wife in a way of running and strong feelings, don’t quarrel couple, mostly want to divorce, but despite their quarrel, after all, is your partner, don’t say these 6 words to him. Husband and wife quarrel do not say these 6 words every couple will inevitably have a quarrel, for life, for emotion, for children, for many things, but no matter how fierce quarrel, we must pay attention to, words, spilled water, a careless will make between husband and wife emotional cracks, so be sure to think twice. The first sentence: "Why are you so annoying" woman, born then TB, but you must think she said so much is definitely for you, another man let her say she disdain, even if you don’t want to hear, tell her, my dear, I know, I love you, this than anything all valid, or your sentence "how can you be so annoying ah" will let his wife set off a family storm". It is intended to be sharp, or want to tender, you decide. The second sentence: "what do you know" I do not know whether the man in the eyes of women are very silly, life to hear a lot of men say so, often said that women are stupid, what do not understand. In fact, a woman is really stupid? To what she will become stupid? Was this silly woman, stupid woman, you get is in the fire like pursuit, then they are not so stupid? As men do not use such casual words hurt his sweetheart, to learn to cherish. The third sentence: "marry your back is to do this" wife is back doing? How wide use only their own psychological man understood only, if only to let her into your laundry, cooking, doing chores, you also get married, it is better to find a good nanny? Remember, a wife is the most important person in your life, the most intimate lover, do what she would like for you, because love you enough, is industrious, a wife, what are you hungry? The fourth sentence: "you have it" you say you whether the? Yes. What do you do things others can not control, but the condition is to do the thing you really can do, when you stop your woman to help you analyze things, you should learn to appreciate, rather than a pair of love faces, because when you say This word, you have noticed your wife silent and tearful eyes?   the fifth sentence: "you eat me drink I want to how could such words are said to listen to a full-time wife, but you must remember that this sentence is tantamount to an insult to her personality a woman, really hurt. Able to do full-time wife is not a simple matter, always busy with housework, therefore they are men’s logistics business Chizha sea. Don’t give blind to her, without them you may not be able to work in business, they are not without the ability to feed themselves, but to give up your own business, so, want a wife behind you, must be done before a person. The sixth sentence: "can live too, can not live.相关的主题文章: