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Shougang shares placards easy diagnosis technology and other six companies total holdings of 5% shares of Shougang October 14th evening announcement, as of October 13th, easy diagnosis of science and technology, science and technology, small lake Nani, Senna investment, Hong Kong Commercial pomegranate and the Andean six companies together hold 264 million 692 thousand and 100 shares of the company shares, representing 5% of total share capital. Specifically, the above shareholders in October 13th through centralized bidding holdings of 5 million 391 thousand and 100 shares of the company, accounting for 0.10% of the company’s total share capital, overweight average price of 5.39 yuan. After the completion of the acquisitions, easy diagnosis technology holds shares 90 million 346 thousand and 900 shares, accounting for 1.71% stake; Lake Nani holds 44 million 338 thousand and 900 shares, accounting for 0.84% stake; Senna investment holding 38 million 702 thousand and 800 shares, accounting for 0.73% stake; Hong Kong Commercial pomegranate holds 33 million 723 thousand and 700 shares, accounting for 0.64% stake; small science and technology holds 37 million 875 thousand and 100 shares, accounting for 0.72% stake; Andean holdings 19 million 704 thousand and 700 shares, accounting for 0.37% stake. According to the announcement, the shareholders signed a unanimous agreement of action. After the holdings, the total holdings of Shougang shares 264 million 692 thousand and 100 shares, accounting for 5% of the total share capital of the company. The shareholders said the holdings is due to the prospects for the future development of Shougang shares investment, especially the great development opportunities for reform, the integration of Beijing Tianjin Hebei on the supply side, the reform of state-owned enterprises in the process, the follow-up will be decided according to the actual situation, the corresponding investment plan. It is worth mentioning that Shougang shares in September this year, due to the controlling shareholder intends to plan and major issues related to the company and suspended. But two weeks after the suspension, the company in September 29th announcement, the major issues of the implementation of conditions are not ripe, the controlling shareholder of Shougang Corporation decided to terminate the planning of this major matters. The stock market investment perspective, trading post, forecast, Niugu capture, as in the micro signal [or] Phoenix securities [ifengstock]   after the analysis of the trend of A shares, pointing out the trend of tomorrow, please pay attention to micro signal [Master] or [fupan588] 2 首钢股份获“举牌” 易诊科技等六公司合计持股达5% 首钢股份10月14日晚间公告,截至10月13日,易诊科技、小间科技、纳木纳尼、塞纳投资、石榴港商业和安第斯六家公司合计持有公司股份26469.21万股,占公司总股本的5.00%。具体而言,上述股东于10月13日通过集中竞价增持公司股份539.11万股,占公司总股本的0.10%,增持均价为5.39元。增持完成后,易诊科技持有公司股份9034.69万股,持股占比1.71%;纳木纳尼持有4433.89万股,持股占比0.84%;塞纳投资持有3870.28万股,持股占比0.73%;石榴港商业持有3372.37万股,持股占比0.64%;小间科技持有3787.51万股,持股占比0.72%;安第斯持股1970.47万股,持股占比0.37%。据公告披露,上述股东签有一致行动协议。此次增持后,其合计持有首钢股份26469.21万股,占公司总股本的5.00%。上述股东表示,此次增持是出于对首钢股份未来发展前景的看好所进行的投资,尤其是在供给侧改革、京津冀一体化以及国企改革过程中面临的巨大发展机遇,其后续将会根据实际情况,决定相应的投资计划。值得一提的是,首钢股份今年9月曾因控股股东拟筹划与公司相关的重大事项而停牌。但停牌半个月后,公司于9月29日公告,因此次重大事项实施条件尚不成熟,控股股东首钢总公司决定终止筹划此次重大事项。股市早报,投资前瞻,涨停预测,牛股捕捉,尽在微信号【凤凰证券】或者【ifengstock】 盘后剖析A股走势,指点明日走势,请关注微信号【复盘大师】或【fupan588】相关的主题文章: