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Womens-Issues Couples who desire to conceive a baby; Mothers Lap IVF Centre provides them with best solutions to all their problems. Mothers Lap IVF centre is located centrally in New Delhi, the capital of India. The centre has specialty in surrogacy and reproducing test tube babies in its Test Tube Baby Centre in India. This centre is also entitled as Best Surrogacy in India (BSI) and Best IVF Centre in India. By keeping in mind the sophistication and need of an infertility treatment procedure, our centre (MLIVF) is equipped with latest technology equipments for tactful procedures. Our facility has state of the art equipments and professional experts who take utmost care of you and your baby. You will get world-class 4D Doppler studies, drugs, injections and all latest equipments under one roof. Patients will get satisfaction and care that is needed for recovery. Our centre provides solution to every kind of infertility. From olden times, infertility has been considered a taboo which has now been eradicated by science with its technological advances. Diagnostic labs, ultrasound scan centers and medicos facility provided within the premises of MLIVF. Infertility in both male and female is curable and we have a high success rate in providing them the solution to their problems with care. Various services provided by Mothers Lap IVF Centre include Infertility Workup, Male & Female Factor Evaluation, Recurrent Pregnancy Loss Evaluation, Hormonal Workup, Ultrasound Centre, Intrauterine Insemination Centre, Donor Insemination, In Vitro Fertilization (IVF), ICSI, PICSI, TESE, IMSI and Cryopreservation. Apart from this, Mothers Lap IVF centre also provides the facility of egg donation and various patients benefit from this initiation. Egg donation is needed in many cases like menopausal lady, ovarian failure, repeated IVF failure and endometriosis. Mothers Lap IVF Centre also has Egg Donation Centre in Delhi which carries out various functions like borrowing eggs from donor of relatively younger age, injections for follicular stimulation and follicular monitoring. Continuous evaluation is done to look after the endometrial thickness to carry out implantation successfully and for a healthy pregnancy thereafter. People often remain worried about the success rates of procedures like IVF, surrogacy and later pregnancy, so we provide them satisfaction in this domain as we have good success rates in providing happiness to infertile couples. We look after all the main concerns that are required for achieving healthy pregnancy including quality of embryo, ultra modern lab facilities, doctors approach and experience of treatment and most importantly body acceptability of the patient. Success rates we achieve at MLIVF are as follows: 50-60% IVF 15-20% IUI 60-70% Surrogacy About the Author: 相关的主题文章: