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Parenting A baby shower is not usually organized by the mother or father-to-be, but by their close friends or family members. These parties are designed to make the prospective parents feel that the people closest to them are celebrating their good fortune and are happy about the .ing addition to the family. Parties like these are usually fun and full of good will, but they can be even more enlivened with baby shower games. These games provide more laughs and smiles, and they can be instrumental in bringing friends and families closer for an auspicious event the .ing of a baby. A baby shower can have guests from a few couples to several dozen. Sometimes the larger the party is, the greater the chance that the guests do not know one another. People from all walks of life may find themselves in one room together for a few hours for the party: from Dads colleagues at work to Moms high school gang. Baby shower games are a great way to break the so-called ice, make the guests feel more .fortable with one another and remind them that they are present for a .mon cause: to celebrate the .ing of a baby, the child of their friend or relative. Organizers of baby shower party games should remember to keep activities short and simple. Games that are too .plicated will not achieve the desired goal of letting the participants feel at ease with one another. Also, having .plicated activities runs the risk of breeding boredom or resentment, either of which could cause guests to make a beeline for the door something that the parents-to-be will not appreciate. So what party games would be ideal for a baby shower? If youre the party organizer, you would not want for game ideas; there are literally hundreds of suggestions and tips offered on web sites. Arguably, the most popular game would be the Baby Food Game. Participants are required to guess the name of the content of baby food jars whose labels have been removed. Variations of this game include placing the jars contents in a diaper and having the guests identify the baby food in the diaper, or having a guest describe a kind of baby food in unattractive ways (such as mashed monkey food for banana) and getting other game participants to guess the food being described. Another example of baby shower games that is guaranteed to bring on the guffaws and jibes is the Who Am I? game. This activity needs a bit more preparation, but it may well be worth it. Basically, what this game entails is to show baby pictures of guests and game participants do their best to guess the identity of the person in the baby picture. An easier variant of this game would be to have the emcee announce something about the character trait of a guest, and have other people guess who he or she is referring to. For instance, the host can say something like, When this person was a child, he or she always drew on the walls with crayons. Its not a surprise then that he or she is now an artist. Another example of fun party games for baby showers is something called What Am I Drinking? Participants are blindfolded and asked to drink from babys bottles. All they have to do is identify what theyre drinking. The one with the greatest number of correct guesses wins the game. Another great guessing game would be Whats in the Bag? As the name of the game implies, participants are asked to name the contents of a bag and the person who gets the highest number of correct guesses wins. It would be even more fun if prizes are awarded to game winners. But organizers of baby shower games shouldnt think that they have to give expensive prizes or awards. Remember that these party games are all in good fun; games with too high a stake might just foster unnecessary feelings of .petitiveness. Token awards are ideal, such as pens, candles, foodstuff, or perhaps a kiss or hug from the mother or father-to-be? That would certainly bring on lots of cheers and good-natured laughter. .anizers should also remember to keep the number of baby shower games in moderation. Dont plan ten games for a two-hour party; two or three games will suffice, and spare enough time for eating, chit-chat, and gift-opening. Planned and done right, these party games will make any baby shower an affair to remember. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: