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Web-Design Web is a virtual place giving the experience of physical locality for example, Though many people use the web and internet, they don"t know the importance of having a website. Website is an investment which saves a lot of money by means of a virtual market, if you compare it with the investment of physically existent market. So the focus should be given for an effective and attractive creation of website design. Having a website is not all. There are so many things which should be taken care of and implemented. Successful web design involves more than just the creation of a beautiful piece of art work. The basic elements that determine the success of website design or web site construction are visibility, appearance and usability. Irrespective of the size of your business, you need to have a vibrant and business-oriented website that is capable of communicating with your partners and potential customers. Your website gives potential customers, employees, partners, and others a first impression about your company and its professionalism Essentials components of a website design process. Requirement Analysis "" According to the requirements & scope of a business or as such, for which the website is to be built, the initial analysis and setup is required for the same. Look of the design "" As said before, The website gives potential customers, employees, partners, and others a first impression about the company and its professionalism Website content "" A website should have a quality content that makes the visitors stick to the website and just go on exploring the things. Webpage design and content must be done according to the w3c standards and on page optimization factors. Internet marketing(search engine optimization, social media optimization, blogs)- to make the website reach global customers, it has to have a good ranking in major search engines like google, yahoo, msn, AOL etc. SEO is a process that could make the business well established and known to the people all around the world. Website promotion "" Getting the website listed in major search engines like google, yahoo, msn, boosts the website purpose. Exchanging the links with similar sites & backlinking, advertisement need to be done to promote the website. Website maintenance "" product changes and additions , breaking news or events , adding photos, graphics, site makeovers are examples of website maintenance. Keeping the homepage fresh for return customers website should keep updating and freshened regularly from the search engines" point of view. Site has to be maintained so that there"s no malfunctioning or anything likewise. Professional Web design includes flash design, videos, presentations, photo galleries, cascading style sheets(CSS), xml sitemaps, blogs, forums, chat servers, javascript, photoshop designs, web forms & tables and much more. Web services offered by webdreams Web design (flash design, HTML & CSS design) CMS Web design Web development(PHP, javascript, Mysql) Search engine optimization(blogs, articles, directories, social bookmarking) Website maintenance and support Presentations Domain Registration and web hosting About the Author: 相关的主题文章: