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A projector is known as a piece of equipment having a light beam. It makes use of lenses and mirrors in order to narrow the lights. There are various projectors you can choose from. Here are some good projectors you can choose from: Epson PowerLite 77c Projector Specs $599.99 to $806.61 Display TypeLCD projector Resolution Of Projector1024 x 768 Extra FeaturesAuto Vertical Keystone, 16:9 aspect ratio support Feature RatioApprox. 16:9 and 4:3 Color Intensity24-bit Included PartsSpeaker Light Source Energy248 Watt Light Source KindUHE Max Operating Temperature95 F Max Screen Distance34 ft Min Operating Temperature41 F Min Screen Distance2.7 ft Audio OutputMono Speaker(s)1 x mixed channel System TypePC Video StandardsNTSC, NTSC 4.43, the PAL, SECAM, PAL-N, the PAL-M, and PAL 60 ViewSonic PJ503D Projector Specs $456.00 to $655.00 Display KindDLP projector Feature RatioApprox. 16:9 and 4:3 The Resolution800 x 600 Extra FeaturesEco-Feature technology BrightnessAbout 1500 ANSI lumens Light Power Source250 Watt Max Operating Temperature104 F Max Screen Gap19.7 ft Min Operating Temperature32 F Min Screen Gap5 feet System TypePC, Mac Video StandardsPAL-N, PAL-B/G, SECAM, PAL-M, NTSC 4.43, the PAL-I, PAL-D, M-NTSC, PAL-H, PAL 60 Toshiba TDP T45U $568.00 to $1,199.00 ResolutionApprox. 1024 x 768 Display BrightnessDLP Projector 2500 ANSI lumens Hue Intensity24-bit Included PartsSpeaker Light Source Energy260 Watt Audio OutputMono Speaker(s)1 x mixed channel System TypePC Video StandardsNTSC, SECAM, PAL Hitachi CP X300 Projector Specs $689.00 to $899.00 ResolutionApprox. 1024 x 768 Display TypeLCD projector Additional FeaturesFreeze frame, Integrated de-interlacer (progressive scan), 3:2 pull down .pensation BrightnessApprox. 2600 ANSI lumens Hue Intensity24-bit Included PartsSpeaker Light Source Energy320 Watt Light Source KindUHB Max Screen Distance36 ft Min Screen Gap3 ft Speaker(s)1 x mixed channel System TypePC, Mac Video StandardsSECAM, NTSC, PAL, PAL-N, PAL-B/G, the PAL-M, the NTSC 4.43, the PAL-I, PAL 60, PAL-H, PAL-D Optoma Technology Optoma EP749 Projector Specs $599.99 to $1,099.99 ResolutionApprox. 1024 x 768 Extra FeaturesEco-Feature technology, High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection System (HDCP) Brightness2500 ANSI lumens Color Intensity24-bit Light Source Energy300 W Light Source KindSHP Max Operating Temperature95 F Max Screen Distance39 ft Min Operating Temperature41 F Min Screen Gap5 feet System TypePC, Mac Video StandardsSECAM, NTSC, PAL There are mainly two kinds of projectors, video projectors and transparency projectors. Under the video projectors, there are four kinds. These are the LCD projector, CRT projector, DLP projector and LCOS projector. As for the transparency projector, it has the movie projector, slide projector, and overhead projector. An LCD projector is also known as a liquid crystal display. It uses a metal halide lamp in order to send light through the LCD panels so as to display images. It is the modern slide projector and overhead projector of today. CRT projectors are popularly known as video projectors. It utilizes high-brightness picture tubes or CRT so as to create an image. The created image is then enlarged and focused with the use of a lens. This lens is placed behind the face of the CRT. A DLP or digital light processing device uses a Digital Micromirror Device (DMD). It is a small memory chip which adjusts the electromagnetic mirrors for every pixel in the image. It is also good to use even in rooms that are lit. LCOS stands for liquid crystal on silicon. It is known as a micro-projection technology device which is used for televisions. Like DLP, it makes use of reflective technology but has liquid crystals instead. Under the transparency projector, the movie projector uses films on a reel to form moving pictures. A slide projector also enlarges photographic slides on the screen. The overhead projector also enlarges images of pictorial or written material on a transparency that is placed underneath the projector. Citizen Watches – Close To Individuals Everywhere’s Bears By: Kain Black – The Citizen at4007-54e radio control watch is one of the best models ever made by Citizen, but where is the best place to get information about this watch that you cannot find anywhere else? 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