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Mobil-Computing Some of the hardware requirements for iPhone application development comprises of an Intel based MAC running operating system. If you have a solid expertise on the Cocoa development , Apple’s Objective C framework with the Xcode development on the MAC OS, then the iPhone apps development becomes quite hassle free and convenient. When a developer is ready to take on an project, he may face the following hurdles while proceeding: 1. How to work on MAC and Leopard: For a window user, it is necessary to understand the working of the MAC/ Leopard OS X world. If you have some issues on working with MAC and Leopard, the process of application development may become frustrating for you. 2. How to download iPhone SDK and to install: For beginners, Apple software development kit is bit difficult as .dmg files are disk images whose explanation is not that easy. 3. Object oriented programming: Any software development company or individual iphone app developer if planning to stay long in this field, then they need to be well versed with Objective C and Cocoa Touch languages. It is because all iPhone applications are constructed in the Objective C only and the framework is called Cocoa. The particular part of the framework utilized for programming is called Cocoa touch. 4. Proper training in the Objective C, Cocoa and OOP concepts: Any developer, especially beginner have to spend plenty of his/her time in understanding the basics of the object oriented programming and Objective C. Also try hands on implementing the language rules in the app development. 5. Always consult referral books, journals abd blogs: Earlier there was nothing to learn and discuss for iPhone developers before 2008 but now, there many sources you can refer to actually build a useful and successful application. These points reveal that iphone application are not so easy to develop. It needs some sincere efforts and skills to actually excel in this career. The competition is so high in this profession these days, that the developers require to give their 100% percent while learning and using Objective C and other programming requirements to sustain. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: