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Marketing No Internet Marketer with the right frame of mind will pass up on this powerful WordPress Article Directory software. And its power is just one part of the story because this software comes with built-in money making opportunities. So purchasing this software is more than just buying its featuresyou are practically buying a business at the same time; in other words, you are setting yourself up for another income generating stream. Yes, this means more money for you however you look at this purchase. To better appreciate the power and innovativeness of this software, let us discuss why this is not just any other product out thereand that it is really, the real deal. This is not a regular software or an ordinary product, as this can dramatically produce the results that you have been praying for so long a time to achieve for your online business ventures. There is no better time to make this happenthe ultimate opportunity, and the best time to act is now. WordPress Article Directory Software: The Top of Its Class There is no doubtwith this powerful software in your hands, you can expect tremendous results than if you were using other products currently available. There is just no other software of its kind that you will find out there. Let us start with search engine friendliness. With the other types of article directory software, you are getting less for your SEO efforts with php scripts. And we all know that with the tight competition now, we need to capitalize on every opportunity to rank well in search enginesthe old article directory software & scripts just do not cut it anymore. In order to do well in organic SEO, you need every help you can get. With WordPress Article Directory, you also get pinging services right at your own dashboard. With every new article published, you are easily able to notify Internet directories and search engines so that you get more traffic to your site. With this software, you have a system in place that is practically automatedwith a click of the button, you will have pinged quickly and easily. Also, the name WordPress is always associated with being user-friendly. You will be getting this very same feature with this article directory software. You will find it easy to navigate. You can better handle and manage the content of your article directory site: you have the convenient capability to approve article submissions, tags used, categories selected, authors & contributors, and the many other details involved in content management. Monetization of Your Article Directory Website With your WordPress Article Directory Software, you are also getting yourself an opportunity to make more money. AdSense set-up is easy, but you are not just limited to putting up Google AdSenseyou can very well choose what ads to set-up. With AdSense of course, you get 100% of the money when somebody clicks on the links. You can also make money with the Article Course set-up in the article directory; you get 100% revenue from this. Then there is more: you also get 50% affiliate commissions for the purchases from your VideoTrafficClub.com ads. And you can customize your ads, put in more courses you like, and put up other affiliate ads in your very own article directory site. There are a lot more things that this smart article directory software offers, such as: custom themes, templates, scripts and plug-ins. And being based on the power of the WordPress platform, WordPress Article Directory software can provide the powerful and user-friendly capabilities you need to fast-track your online success. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: