A Story About The History Of Qipao-乃々果花

Fashion-Style Cheongsam, Chinese women the most beautiful curve. That is also my favorite, I have a special liking to her, but it is not every woman can wear out the flavor of the Oriental female. Just to kill time, doubling up snow static "qipao", finish see, heart but we can’t forget. There are two lines, one for Li Manshu’s point of view, another female reporter Guo Jing to make the move. The two women in this life there should be no intersection, but because of a loss of national emotion and stuck together at one point, I can’t say about their feelings, they are intelligent women, and intelligent woman always lets a person kind and hateful. Li Manshu, once the women of the Japanese invasion of China. Her snowy in BaJiaoLou gym has experienced the most in the years of the life. If she is just a woman, just an ordinary woman, may not have so much suffering, but it happened that she once was a rattle of the manchu qing dynasty. In the eyes of Japanese conquest, torture to her, don’t make sense. After all, space space itself is noble. What they want is the biggest shame to Chinese people, both mental and physical torture. Li Manshu unwilling to recall the past, so she doesn’t want to recall the fact that she was once Ye Yuer. Ye Yuer childhood is happy, also because of his childhood friends, more accurately, man ha brother gave her a lot of happy memories. War of aggression against China, the Japanese want her to study in Japan, not from her, she still didn’t yield. Perhaps history, fate is destined to good, her and the elder brother ran away and didn’t let them get rid of the cruel death. Ha elder brother died, and her love of reading, thinking, the elder brother forever left her, and she became a for people to mock the plaything, providence lane person. When she woke up at that moment, life has not .pletely belongs to her. The Japanese geisha, let her do she not from, this is every Chinese character. Sometimes I wonder, since she doesn’t want to give, why "to" .fort women had had for so long, but think again, a man even dead all not afraid, alive have what terrible? Her remember her forehead niang said, a person is not easy to live once. The liberation of the Chinese people. Perhaps is the belief, let she struggled. Her whole life, that some men gave warmth. Sasaki, although as a Japanese, he look down on Chinese, but he gave her, after all, fantasy, let her see light in such a tough day. She is unhappy, let her suffer unbearable suffering of war, however, she is lucky, she escaped, koreans met sincerely to her, her husband, PiaoZhengYong. The love of her life is cheongsam, she said, the Chinese dress is the manchu dress, with Chinese amorous feelings of the woman, the red Chinese dress is the red sorghum, cheongsam is the green pine trees, green yellow robe is yellow, and your cheongsam, it is the stars in the sky, I land in China to wear cheongsam is like a travel day and night, I ac.panied the harvest crops, pedal with a solid broad land, I the beautiful and rich. Said of is really great, wonderful. This is history leave pain in a woman. And with pain or just a few people? Guo Jing to BaJiaoLou historical value on the road, she is not for personal, to a nation’s honor, to remind a people who have suffered, is how to step out of the shadows of history. And developers, her lover Ye Yixiong one thousand ways to development, for this two years of feelings into nothingness. Guo Jing is a good woman, I just only strange, why can’t find a good man married, don’t really match the Ye Yixiong? Why so hard… Even if two like-minded, can Ye Yixiong know, BaJiaoLou is a disgrace to their race, development can earn large sums of money, those who fill not the belly of friendship had to step two. Such as from again, believe in marriage is political, one thousand every step in a good family, even when the deputy mayor’s wife, also not a .fortable day, torment yourself, also torture others, is a wine is not drunk everybody from drunk. A history of heavy, a virtual story, feeling, something I can’t let I can’t help thinking. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: