8GB memory phone exposure this product is not released as the flagship music (video) e3300

8GB memory phone exposure this product is not released as the flagship music? Tencent (DRAM) although Samsung recently announced the beginning of mass production of LPDDR4 chip, but it seems to have been in the mobile phone manufacturers have started the test. The day before, users ROM workers drying out a mysterious new machine screenshots in micro-blog, and display with 8GB large memory. At the same time because of the model’s interface with the music as the phone is more similar, so it may mean that the music has been tested in the 8GB memory chip, do not rule out the possibility to grab the new flagship 8GB memory again. 8GB new machine exposure of the user @ROM migrant workers out of this mysterious new machine seems to be a video screenshot, the most attractive place is naturally attracted to 8GB memory, but did not disclose more details. However, due to the machine’s interface looks like the music is more similar to the phone, so many people speculated that the music may have been in the beginning of the test 8GB memory chips, and even in the industry may once again grab the new 8GB memory machine. From the current exposure of information, has been approved by the National Radio Authority to obtain radio emission models approved Le X950 may be related to this 8GB memory phone. As the aircraft model in LETV mobile phone should belong to the high-end flagship products; and the latest exposure of the Le X850 has confirmed will be equipped with 6GB of memory, so this model more high-end new machine, there may be a 8GB memory as the main selling point. Or released early next year despite the above comments are all speculation, but the mobile phone manufacturers quickly launched 8GB memory new machine is not what Arabian Nights thing, because there are already Lenovo insiders disclosed that will be equipped with 8GB memory in the first quarter of next year to launch Le lemon X5 mobile phone, so love has always been to "grab" the latest hardware as a selling point of the music for the first time with a 8GB memory, it should be reasonable. In addition, only Samsung can provide 8GB LPDDR4 mobile DRAM chip. Not surprisingly, this LETV new machine should be equipped with the chip of Samsung shortly before mass production, the main feature is the use of the 10nm level of advanced manufacturing technology, and consists of four state-of-the-art 16Gb particles encapsulated together to provide transmission speeds up to 4266Mbps, the value of about 2133 to two times faster than the current Mbps the PC DDR4 DRAM typical. However, due to the problem of 8GB memory chip supply, is expected to be the fastest will be met by the beginning of next year. Le Max 3 coming soon incidentally, yesterday won network license LETV new machine Le X850’s real identity seems to have been announced, because the size of the touch screen of the machine and LETV Max 2 relatively close, the market speculation of new machines powerful configuration may be forthcoming Le Max 3. At the same time as early as the beginning of the September, the model has appeared in the graphics test site, and is known as Le Max 3, so that means that the aircraft is indeed possible to be named Le Max 3, and then formally meet with us in the near future. As for the release time of the aircraft, there is no exact news. But according to micro-blog’s exposure of China Unicom communication information.相关的主题文章: