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90.8% of respondents were worried about the "small table" safety and health – Food Channel — people.com.cn original title: 90.8% of respondents were worried about the "small table" safety and health situation now, primary and secondary schools near the "small table" custodian business is more and more popular. These "small table" provides dining, rest services. But many of the "small table" is a place of business in the building facade or real school nearby residents, the dining environment is poor, employees without health certificate and training certificates, food storage, processing and cross pollution, to a certain extent affected the children’s physical and mental health. According to a survey Chinese youth daily social investigation center through the network questionnaire of 2000 people, 77.5% of respondents felt now managed class schools around the little table ", 90.8% of respondents worry about safety and health situation of small table". In the school time in primary and middle schools in early cases, to "double workers" parents to lift menace from the rear 61.6% of respondents suggested that the government purchase service, joint office of student canteen, 57% of respondents want the conditional specification of the "small table run community". Of the respondents, 68% of respondents were parents of primary school students, and 32% of respondents were not. 90.8% of respondents were worried about the investigation of "small table" safety and health situation, 77.5% of the respondents felt now managed class schools around the little table ", 25.5% of the respondents felt very much, 18.9% of respondents feel in general, only 3% of respondents think less. 35% of respondents will send their children to a small table and the like of the hosting class, no more than 38.9% of respondents, 26.1% of respondents are not sure. Qin Yangyang (a pseudonym) is a secondary school students in Shanxi province. As the home is far away from the school, in order to save time, she entered the middle school, every day at noon in the vicinity of a school, a small dinner, lunch break. "There are a lot of students who have the same situation with me. After lunch, they can exchange their lessons". Survey, 90.8% of respondents worried about the safety and health of the small table. Working in a construction company in Ji’nan parents Liu Yuan (a pseudonym), to the "small table" managed a few days ago is primary school son, "appeared before the children eat diarrhea in the" small table ", did not want to let the children go to the" small table ". But my mother-in-law two days walking, no one at home to pick up the child, only to find the custodian help shuttle". Liu Yuan is very careful in the selection of "small table", "I have a family study environment, including meals, rest environment and the surrounding environment, choose a various facilities, although expensive, but we do the parents can rest assured". About the school hosting classes "small table", 62.4% of the respondents pointed out that the existence of practitioners is not standardized, no training certificates, 58.3% of respondents found utensils disinfection difficult to guarantee, 49.3% of respondents think the food storage and processing of cross pollution. Liu Yuan said that the entire small table industry regulation is still not perfect, a lot of相关的主题文章: