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A community of two households are police guns out of glass hole – Beijing JINGWAH suspected Times News (reporter Feng Huamei) yesterday, Mr. Zhang reflected, he in a house in Fengtai Jinyuan residential living room "bullet", the outer glass toughened glass overall crack. At present, the local police station has been involved in the investigation, excluding firearms suspects. Yesterday, the reporter saw in Mr. Zhang’s home, the living room of a glass at the top of the left there is a round hole, the overall cracks in the glass. Mr. Zhang said in a rented home Hu sister, 13, about 4:50 in the afternoon, she worked in the living room, suddenly heard a clear voice, then, she saw a hole appears on a piece of glass above the living room, then the glass began to split from the hole location to the surrounding, soon the whole glass has a crack. Mr. Zhang said, the door neighbor in the kitchen glass also appeared in a similar situation. Subsequently, the reporter saw Zhang on the house, the household kitchen glass also has a hole, crack the glass. The tenants said that after the eldest sister to his home to ask the property phone a minute, the family heard the sound, after the discovery of the glass as a whole crack, then the alarm. Mr. Zhang said, but fortunately no casualties, but still a lingering fear, "fortunately this is double glass, if ordinary glass, is likely to be breakdown, hit people what the consequences will be grievous." Mr. Zhang and opposite residents are suspected of illegal guns for, or will not produce such a big impact. Zhang said that after the incident, he called the residential property, the other said it would not be responsible for the glass, you can help them contact the glass repair personnel, the cost borne by the tenants themselves. This solution, two households are not approved before the District, said a similar incident occurred, but the property has not been resolved, but also did not take any measures, so the property is the responsibility of the property, requirements for its replacement glass. Yesterday, Jinyuan residential property, a staff member said that the police investigation has been, for safety reasons, the owners can advance at their own expense to replace the glass. Last night, the reporter called the district property manager’s phone, which said it did not understand the matter. Fengtai District and justice police station, said the gun has been ruled out suspects, the specific situation is still under investigation.相关的主题文章: