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A little information big data show that the United States and the United States and the general election to lead the financial hot spots – Sohu technology recently, a little bit of information jointly issued by the Phoenix Financial 2016 financial information big data report. According to financial information attention not only influenced by gender, but also influenced by the level of development of the city; and a hot topic for reform, the internationalization of the RMB, the U.S. presidential election still firmly hold people’s attention, housing prices and the real estate bubble throughout the year 2016 topic. Some key points are as follows: Scrap finishing technology timeline: monthly financial keywords 70% monthly financial contract is the livelihood of the people reflects the focus of real-time keyword users, mainly in the people’s livelihood, politics. For example, in January the proportion of Medicare contributions, in May the price of oil, delayed retirement in July and other keywords are reflected in the people’s livelihood areas of strong concern. In addition, in June the British off the hot topic in Europe with the super has also become a hot topic of discussion at leisure people. Long hot: the issue of real estate prices and real estate bubble through the 2016 subject to the impact of soaring prices at the beginning of the year, buy a house has been one of the hot issues of concern to users. The report shows that the user focused on the hot point of view of five aspects, including the most attention to price increases. Group: 31-40 years old men are more concerned about the "financial information", more high-end crowd "American general election" according to the user’s age group division, 31-40 years of financial information users are most interested in, the total proportion of 51%, which is more in line with the general public the truth, 31-40 years old is married, increased financial burden stage. From the gender dimension, we can find that the proportion of men’s attention to financial information is much higher than that of women, almost five times the difference, the result is also related to the family roles and the nature of the work of male users. In addition, unlike the stock market, real estate overall user attention, focus on the stock market information is not high-end, but on the election more interested, embodies the elite preferences for political information. The regional economy developed areas: pay more attention to financial topics from the geographical distribution situation, north of Guangzhou Shenzhen and other first-tier cities occupy a focus on financial topics users four, visible to the user of financial information and awareness of the city’s economic development level is proportional to the. "Reform" related information reflect user needs of household registration reform affects most heart of consumers in 2016 is to deepen the reform of household registration, to solve the difficulty of urbanization is the key for the year, as one of the hot spots this year NPC and CPPCC core, the household registration reform obviously affects most consumers of the heart, ranked first in the standings concern information reform. In addition, the supply side reform, college entrance examination reform, electricity reform and other aspects of the livelihood of the people have hot list. The most popular topic of "reform" Top 10 "male users concern Trump" users up to 99% as the focus of the world this year, according to a point of information internet users browse, search and subscription "election" channel of the heat calculation of comprehensive value, the real-time heat index of American election ". Index shows that Internet users concerned with the rise of the voting day approaching, and when the election broadcast live.相关的主题文章: