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A man in Ningbo after the new house decoration than old broken wood ceiling also block the ceiling after the fall of the shovel powder wood just delivered new premises, originally intended to make the decoration wedding room to my daughter, did not expect the decoration company started construction, found the problem: the ceiling seepage, falling blocks, and a block on the roof of the rubber gloves. A typhoon days, the house is more rain. So the quality of the house, so that the owners Chen headache. Readers to help solve the problem of the quality of the new roof, decoration companies do not dare to decorate Mr. Chen said, the house is located in Ningbo hi tech Zone people and homes, which is a demolition resettlement area. At the end of April this year, residential property owners by lottery selected their own floor, Mr. Chen to get into the top 17 floors. He and his wife are going to decorate the new house as a wedding room for their daughter’s wedding. Originally is a happy event, but the unexpected is that the decoration company started construction that there is not a small problem of roof quality, several will Water Leakage. The plaster ceiling decoration workers shovel to go after, we were surprised to find, the ceiling was inlaid with a layer of rubber gloves! In addition, the living room is falling out of wood. In this case, the decoration company can only suspend the process. "I have a new house than the old house was broken, how the quality of the house can live!" Chen immediately find the property to reflect the situation, the property company contacted the housing construction units – Zhejiang the Great Wall Construction Group Co., Ltd., I hope the two sides can properly resolve this matter. Engaged in the past few months have been in the past, after several consultations, but the problem has not been resolved. See other residents have entered the District, the house has not yet a statement. In desperation, Mr. Chen to the newspaper for help. Reporters to help the house with traces of water leakage, the ceiling has a rubber glove yesterday afternoon, the reporter went to the people and their homes. Mr. Chen in the 17 floor of a total of four households, the other three have been admitted, only Mr. Chen’s home empty, without any decoration. Into the room, the door in the ceiling, a yellow plastic gloves embedded in them, clearly visible. The living room location above the ceiling plaster has shovel out, in layers of steel exposed, Mr. Chen poked the bar near the location with a thin bamboo pole, instantly fell out of a lot of sand. "You see, there’s no such thing as cement, or how can it be?." Mr. Chen said angrily, "and this wood, in this position, when the decoration workers shovel powder directly just fall down." Mr. Chen picked up the wood from the side of the ground, aloft, the reporter looked up at the square in front of the pit, is the wood of the original position. Then, Mr. Chen also led reporters came to the toilet next to the sewer, he said, the evening of the Mid Autumn Festival typhoon affected Ningbo, under heavy rain, there are different places around the house have different degrees of leakage. One of the most serious is that near the pipe. "Look, there’s a lot of water stains at the side of the pipe. The quality of housing, it is dangerous! How to live!" Mr. Chen was angry and helpless. The construction units that are in talks, the owners require replacement housing reporters and Mr. Chen, to the district gold property service center. Project manager Qu female.相关的主题文章: