A man in Xianyang made ” road rage ” forced to stop a taxi stabbed brother detained (video zghd

A man in Xianyang made " road rage " forced to stop the taxi brother stabbed detained Chinese daily news (reporter Ma Xin Bin) by the back of the taxi overtaking Xianyang, a man should make up the "road rage", not only after forced to stop a taxi, the driver will also hurt. The taxi driver was stabbed on September 22nd at 4 pm, Xianyang Central Hospital orthopedic ward, waist gauze wrapped taxi driver master Li is lying in bed due to injury. Master Li’s medical record shows his left waist stabbed by a knife. Mention the day’s encounter, Li master a face of grievances. Li master recalled that at 2 a.m. on September 17th, he pulled the guests from the union road to the top Road, and stopped at the Yuquan intersection when he met the red light. However, after changing the light, the black car parked in front of him didn’t start for half a day, and it didn’t respond to the trumpet. Because the car was pulling the guests, he had to overtake the car from the left. As he passed by the black limousine, he saw 3 young men sitting on the train, together with the driver. Master Li said, it was not long before the black car caught up with him. After seeing the taxi being chased, the female passengers on the bus were afraid, and immediately asked to get off. Helpless, he had to stop the car, black car also parked in front of his car. Just as he was looking for change for the passengers, the driver in the black car rushed into the car and pulled him down and beat him. Finally, the other side took out a fruit knife and stabbed two knives on his back. Master Li said, was playing his black car driver a person only, age 20 years old, the other two did not begin, only in the side bar. When he was stabbed, the black car quickly left, and then a passer-by dialed 120, and sent him to the hospital. On the morning of 17, his family called the police to the Public Security Bureau police station of Wu Jia bao. Wounding the man was 10 days administrative detention Wu Jiabao police station said, after receiving the alarm, according to their license plate number provided by the taxi driver, soon found a black car driver of a high. After investigation, two vehicles in the process of driving because of the conflict occurred, and finally led to the taxi driver was stabbed by the car driver, this is the typical "road rage" caused the evil consequences. "I didn’t have much of a thing. I was so impulsive."." In the morning of September 27th, in the detention house of Qin Dynasty, he brought himself to stab the taxi driver, and the 23 year old man was guilty of a high face. Gao said that, at the time saw the taxi from behind him over the past, but also a little bit of his car, so I was very uncomfortable, then drove up. In the process of catching up, the two people also separated from each other two times. After the taxi was forced to stop, he hit the driver a blow, and the other turned and took a spanner wrench from the car. He also took a fruit knife from the car and stabbed two knives on his back. Afterwards, because of his fear, he drove off the scene quickly. Police investigators said that at present, because of suspected assault and injury to others, Gao was detained by the police for 10 days. At the same time, they have also informed the injured family members that they can do the injury identification within the prescribed time limit, and if the standard of minor injury is reached, criminal proceedings can be instituted. Note: video only for extended reading. Chaos remains: fish of the village "battery bus" forced to stop the bus

咸阳一男子犯"路怒症"逼停出租车 刺伤的哥被拘华商报讯(记者 马新斌)只因被后面的出租车超车,咸阳一男子竟然犯起了“路怒症”,不但追赶逼停出租车,还将司机刺伤。出租车司机凌晨被刺伤9月22日下午4时许,咸阳市中心医院骨一科病房,腰部裹着纱布的出租车司机李师傅正躺在床上养伤。李师傅的病历卡显示,他的左腰部被刀刺伤。提起当天的遭遇,李师傅一脸委屈。李师傅回忆,9月17日凌晨2时许,他从团结路拉客人到毛条路,走到玉泉路口时碰到了红灯停下。然而变灯以后,停在他前面的黑色轿车半天不见启动,打了喇叭也没有反应。因为车上拉着客人,他只好从左边超车拐了过去。从黑色轿车旁经过时,他看见车上连同司机在内,坐着3名年轻男子。李师傅说,没过多久,那辆黑色轿车便紧紧追了上来。见出租车被人追,车上的女乘客有些害怕,当即提出要下车。无奈,他只好将车停下,黑色轿车也顺势停在了他的车前。就在他给乘客找零钱时,黑色轿车上的司机一下子冲到车里将他拽了下来殴打。最后,对方拿出一把水果刀在他背上戳了两刀。李师傅说,当时打他的只有黑色轿车司机一个人,年龄20岁出头,其他两人并没有动手,只是在一旁拉架。见他被刺伤,黑色轿车便迅速离开,后来还是一名路人拨打了120,将他送到了医院。17日上午,他的家人向公安秦都分局吴家堡派出所报了警。伤人男子被行政拘留10天吴家堡派出所民警说,接到报警后,他们根据出租车司机提供的车牌号,很快便找到了黑色轿车司机高某。经过调查,两辆车在行车过程中因为超车发生了冲突,最后导致出租车司机被轿车司机刺伤,这是典型的“路怒症”引发的恶果。“本来没有多大的事,都怪我当时太冲动了。”9月27日上午,在秦都拘留所,提起自己刺伤出租车司机一事,23岁男子高某一脸懊悔。高某说,当时见后面的出租车从他旁边超了过去,还别了一下他的车子,因此心里很不舒服,便开车追了上去。追赶过程中,两人还相互别了两次车。出租车被逼停后,他打了司机一拳,对方转身从车上拿下一把修车用的扳手,他也从车上拿出一把水果刀,在他背上戳了两刀。事后,因为心里害怕,他迅速驾车离开现场。办案民警说,目前,因涉嫌殴打伤害他人,高某被警方行政拘留10天。同时他们也已经告知伤者家属,可以在规定时间期限内做伤情鉴定,如果达到轻伤标准,可以提起刑事诉讼。注:视频仅为扩展阅读。 乱象依旧:鱼化寨“电瓶公交”逼停公交车相关的主题文章: