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Marketing Air-drying equipment manufacturing country in the very rapid development. Twentieth century, thirty or forty years, China has a pre-frozen salt water microbiology home, in the vacuum evaporator with a water absorbent method for air-dried bacteria preserved with the toxic species, to the early fifties, producing air dried vaccine, and gradually formed a certain production capacity., sixties to start mass production of vaccines and air-dried human plasma, eighties, the air-dried food in China has made significant development, Qingdao City, the second food plant, the introduction of air-drying equipment air dryer Japanese scallions, ginger, etc. for export. Then what so Air dryer? A .pressed air dryer is a device for removing water vapor from .pressed air. .pressed air dryers are .monly found in a wide range of industrial and .mercial facilities. With the continuous improvement of living standards, people’s quality of consumer goods will be more demanding, environmental awareness, health awareness in the further strengthening of the variousair of medicines, health products and freeze-dried food demand will increase. And as we continue to meet all kinds of drugs, biological health care products, freeze-dried food and solid power needs, particularly the development of biotechnology to develop new drugs and in turn bring about a new upsurge of biological drugs, all this will promote the vacuum the further development of freeze-drying technology, expanding its application, applications continue to expand. However, there exist an question. If all the .pressed air will be used inside a building where temperature is maintained at a stable level, then the required dew point can be fixed within a few degrees. But if some or all of the .pressed air is subjected to outdoor temperature variations, the required dew point can change from day to day, or even hour to hour. In the past, this technology cannot be used in this field, while many years flies by, this kind of question has been solved and the dreamed realm has also realized. Shanghai Screw .pressor Co., Ltd. has made it. The rating intet air temperation is 40, rating operating pressure:0.8Mpa, applicable range:0.4-1.0Mpa,pressure drop: About the Author: 相关的主题文章: