After 90 thieves steal the value of millions of jewelry but no money to pay 10 yuan, the friction fe

90 thief worth millions of jewelry but did not have the money to pay 10 yuan fee "rub" – Beijing newspaper news September 27th morning, Haikou Red City Lake Road E Century Square building Yuda gold jewelry store theft, gold jewelry fled after the suspect Tang unhurried theft worth more than 270 yuan. From the incident to the police to solve the case, these gold jewelry in the hands of the suspects only stay for 47 hours. What did the police do in these 47 hours? Reporter Chang Kevin figure in the mall when the thieves cleared hiding in the bathroom from September 27th at 3 pm, Haikou E Century Square building Yuda gold jewelry store theft, Haikou City Public Security Bureau Qiongshan Branch police immediately set up a task force investigation, Haikou City Public Security Bureau technical department intervened to assist in the investigation. In order to solve the case as soon as possible, Qiongshan police play eagle group mobility, video retrieval and tracking of suspicious persons after the incident in the early. After the preliminary work, and ultimately lock the identity of the suspect. It is understood that the day of the incident, the suspect Tang (Yangpu, born 1992) in the Capitol of gold jewelry counter in advance, then cleared at the mall hiding in the bathroom, escaped clearance inspection personnel, at about 3 pm crazy theft. Tang in the theft is not a bit anxious, unhurried to get the gold jewelry, the jewelry box back to the original position, placed neatly. Steal a lot of jewelry, borrowed 10 yuan from the Internet network to pay "Moldova" fee due to the incident Tang who did not cash, he escaped from the mall, with millions of dollars worth of gold jewelry bargain "and" taxi drivers at the roadside, finally mount the driver to let the first car payment. Qiongshan police after the incident in less than 5 hours to quickly lock the Tang’s escape route along the Red Lake Road: he Longkun Road, then transferred to the Fengxiang Road, an Internet cafe in Dingcun at the intersection near the stop. Rub the driver waiting downstairs, Tang took a pair of jewelry into the cafe, find the network management to borrow 10 yuan to pay down the stairs after the fee. Tang will be a large number of jewelry in the tea box, hiding in the Internet cafes backdoor weed, and then took a leave to find some jewelry, pawn with a gold ring for some cash. Tang in exchange for cash to buy a backpack back to the back door of the cafe, take away the gold jewelry hidden in advance. After a simple clean up, down at a price of 450 yuan from Haikou to take a taxi to the Danzhou direction. Tang mougang left, he rushed to the Qiongshan police hiding cafes, and determine its identity. The thieves in the cafe arrested, stolen jewelry stash arrive in Danzhou on the afternoon of September 28th after the Tang waste site, because of concerns about the police did not immediately return home, but to find a good friend, and a few pieces of gold jewelry will give each other. Tang said that the friend and he grew up playing big, in order to express friendship will be a few pieces of gold jewelry gift. After a brief meeting with friends, Tang began to find ways to find a foothold, but.相关的主题文章: