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Alibaba and Tencent, in the end who is the first in Asia? – Sohu technology recently, who is Asia’s most valuable technology company is a problem, while the Tencent, a Alibaba, because of the stock market, the change of currencies. Of course, the media comparison of the benchmark has always been the same, that is, when the analysis will step on China Mobile. There is no doubt that Tencent and Alibaba are the fastest growing Internet companies in the past two years, not only in China, even if the world, the two companies are not inferior. Can be expected in the next period of time, the Tencent and the two Internet Co Ali lead the Asian pattern will continue, which also broke the traditional industry giants paries situation. From a global perspective, which is the world’s highest market value of the company for the long time by apple, Google, Microsoft and other Internet Co to occupy the trend of convergence. The Tencent started earlier than Alibaba, even China Mobile are much earlier, is scolds the second generation China Internet giant, can continues today, other than the application at the same time more fortunate, the key reason is the transformation in the years before the media outlet wave, even the electricity supplier etc. business is not successful, but also rely on the rise of the stable situation of WeChat. As for the Alibaba, should be the only growth in the last five years of the bright younger generation. According to reports, the electricity supplier Ali core three plate to achieve a "crawler forward", namely: 2017 to 2019, now has $60 billion valuation of ant gold suit lead; 2019 to 2021, taking over from 2021 to 2024, aliyun; rookie will pick the first. Reported that the electricity supplier is still the head of Alibaba revenue, which is most concerned about cloud computing, digital media and entertainment, innovative projects. In July 2016, Tencent led the acquisition of Finland mobile game developer Supercell for about $8 billion 600 million, indicating that it is getting farther and farther on the road. Tencent two quarter earnings, game revenue is more important, its online game revenue grew by 32% to RMB 17 billion 124 million yuan, is the largest proportion of all revenue business. Hand travel revenue of about 9 billion 600 million yuan, an increase of 114%, the growth rate is far more than other businesses. Experts predict that in the $99 billion 600 million global gaming market, Tencent will dominate the share of 13%, at the same time also indicates that the Tencent in the future more than 70% of revenue from online games. We have to see that the Alibaba focusing on business infrastructure and ecological construction, relying on big data and business to achieve realization, and the Tencent with the most good games business realized in the social networking and media content areas. The two companies are building a comprehensive business ecosystem, but in the long run, Tencent’s business is more focused on a single, and over reliance on the realization of the game over a long period of time, is likely to have become the biggest pressure on Tencent. In this field, who is the first Asian competition, China Mobile is a benchmark, almost all the media to go beyond the China Mobile word. If we say that these companies have the feasibility of comparison with China Mobile, mainly because users are very wide, high income, but in fact No.相关的主题文章: