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American music legend AKON MJ into Chinese music sub articles – Sohu of the sons of MJ into Chinese music entertainment. The entertainment Sohu, according to the Shenzhen Evening News reported the afternoon of August 25th, chairman of Plus Richard and 90 American music legend, famous singer AKON KONLIVE jointly announced the establishment of the CHINA press conference held in Shenzhen, the United States line AKON from the press conference at the scene, about the comprehensive development of China music layout plan. In addition, the American musician B.Howard, hip-hop Godfather MASTER P also formally signed the site China 90 Plus Chinese company to enter the market. Conference, American musician B.Howard proved himself as the late king Michael Jackson son’s identity. CHINA KONLIVE set up. It is reported that the establishment of the "KONLIVE CHINA", the early stage of careful planning and arrangements. In addition to making music and performance planning, will be more exquisite by JSTYLE platform and 90 Plus reached a depth of strategic cooperation, responsible for the publicity work of artists in China, while the artists in China to conduct a comprehensive tracking and reporting visit itinerary.相关的主题文章: