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Another baby lying on the bed! Don’t let mother baby pashui baby – Sohu at 3:30 yesterday afternoon, Taiwan Miaoli County, a mother and as usual, going to call 9 month son to get up when feeding, suddenly found the baby out of the original position, lying on the quilt, purple lips, after the hospital died. Local police said the cause of death was respiratory tract was suspected Baby Quilt Block, and choked to death, but who has no trauma. In fact, this kind of event is not the first place, Wuhan before a mother saw her 66 day old son prone sleep is good, will be adjusted to the prone sleeping position, go to busy housework, never thought about 1.5 hours after the baby has died of suffocation. Why adults seem accustomed to sleeping will have such a big risk to the baby? The main reason is that the baby’s head is relatively large, the relative lack of strength in the neck, turnover is not the case in time, and is easy to be blocked, pillow towel, especially in the baby unattended, sleep alone cases are more likely to cause sudden death. Therefore, mummy and don’t let the baby tummy to sleep, try to take care of her baby to sleep, avoid long time no one to take care of sleep. The following are some suggestions to avoid sudden sleep sleep. 1 the American Academy of Pediatrics: supine sleep before the age of 1 according to the latest U.S. Pediatric Association recommends that both full-term infants or infants, when the baby sleep time should be supine until one year old, and the side sleeping is not safe, not recommended. Many parents worry about the baby back to sleep, the back of the head will become flat, so occasionally let the baby to take a lie prone posture. However, many studies have pointed out that pashui infants have a higher probability of neonatal death, and the birth of the baby behind the shape is not fixed, 5 ~ 6 months will turn after the probability of head shape quite will adjust, after 1 years old baby, there are only 20% flat, only after the age of 2 only 5%, so parents should be in the baby age is still small, let him keep supine posture, so as not to cause asphyxia and pashui. 2 bedding safety is an important part of a soft mattress, placed in the bed too many small soft pillows or stuffed toys, easy to cause the baby. And the baby bed can not be too close to the window, curtains and heaters, avoid the baby fell out of the window or is accidentally scalded. In the crib selection, gap bed column should be less than 6 cm, the mattress should be void within 2 fingers, in order to avoid the baby’s head or limbs is clamped between the rail and the gap, and the baby bed around the best holes and a cushion, prevent baby fall injury. Sleep will cover the quilt to the baby’s chest to avoid the baby bed to cover your mouth and nose were parents’ bed too far, so it is convenient to parents to see the child’s condition directly from the bed. 3 nipples can reduce risk of a theory that helps to prevent the baby pacifier to stand up to the prone position. Another theory is that the baby pacifier can make my tongue forward, to keep the airway open. In addition to the attention of rooming in different bed. The study found that the risk of sudden infant death syndrome was increased by 40% between maternal and child.相关的主题文章: