Army Challenge Coins The Most Cherished Possessions Of Military

Arts-and-Entertainment Challenge coins are small medallions or coins that are worn to represent a particular organization or an institution. These coins are worn only by the members of that particular organization and it is .pulsory that they wear it when they are on duty. Each country has its own unique coins like the Army Challenge coins, navy coins, air force coins and coins for coast guard, marine, National Guard, etc. These coins tell you where he or she works and the position of that person. The coin tells you the rank of that wearer and is very prestigious for the one who wears it. Army coins are of different shapes and sizes and they may be made of bronze, silver, gold, platinum or a mixture of all the metals. They are round in shape or they may be triangular or oval. They have the name of the organization or a logo on them and some may have a slogan also. Military challenge coins usually have the slogan, date and name of the unit and are given to all the members of the military. If the coin is given for an outstanding performance, it is represented on the coin as well. Treating the coins casually is not allowed. You have to keep it with respect and value it. It also collected and passed on to the future generations in the military. The rank of a military officer is known by noting the Military challenge coins worn by him. It contains the rank of the officer and also the name of the unit he represents. Navy challenge coins are given to the members once they .plete their training. Air force coins may be given for a particular operation and also for those who have .pleted a mission with flying colors. These coins are of different shapes, including the shape of an eagle. It is worn on the shoulder as a mark of pride. Army challenge coins have their unique and distinct shape because each one is made for a special cause and has its own meaning and reason for being made. If you are interested in collecting the customized coins, you can do so and display them to the public. The simple coins are plenty in number and are easy to get. But there are some coinages which are not very .mon and very hard to get hold of. The best way to get the challenge coinages is to search for your family members who have served in the army. They are sure to possess some coins for their performance and their rank in the army. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: