As the super car to complete the $1 billion 80 million financing of Legend Holdings deep venture cap sichen

LETV super car completed a $1 billion 80 million financing of Lenovo holdings deep venture capital and the Senate voted Jia Yueting (right) Sina Technology News September 20th morning news, LETV Holdings CEO Jia Yueting announced in the "919 fans carnival night party, LETV super car has completed $1 billion 80 million in the first round of financing. Jia Yueting also said that investors including the national grid’s British capital, deep venture, Lenovo holdings, Minsheng trust, new Hualian and Acer Katherine funds and other institutions. LETV super car project has been wildly beating gongs and drums layout. Jia Yueting said, as the super car has also been formed in China, the United States, Europe and other places of globalization, the whole industry value chain layout, in the United States exceeded 1000 employees. January of this year, as the music from the Silicon Valley of intelligent Internet electric car company Faraday Future (referred to as FF) reached a strategic cooperation, and in this year’s Beijing auto show in April with the music as the same field debut. In April this year, in support of the music as the FF’s first manufacturing plant in the United States laid the foundation; in June, FF was the United States California automatic test license. At present, FF has entered the final stage of the test vehicle on the road. At the same time, in February of this year, as the music and Aston · Martin signed a memorandum of understanding of electric vehicle joint venture. In April of this year’s Beijing auto show, with music as a super car machine Aston · Martin Rapide S and LeSEE LETV super car concept car first appeared on the same stage. In August this year, LETV announced a partnership with the government of Zhejiang Province, 20 billion investment in Deqing Mogan Mountain construction car factory and car ecological town. Although the music as the repairer moves frequently, however, it plans to build self published at the beginning, has been suffering from a shortage of funds in question. A super car project for financing news often spread in the market, the financing of $1 billion 80 million, which means music as super car can get rid of the financial distress temporarily, will concentrate on plans to build forward. Jia Yueting also hinted that the music as the choice of investment vehicles, including the central enterprises, the government background of investment funds and well-known private enterprises, to some extent, can use their resources to seek further development. At the same time, the music, as also announced the 919 music as ecological electricity supplier Festival sales: 24 hours of total ecological total sales of $4 billion 482 million. Music as claimed, 919 has become the second double after the eleven, after the country’s electricity supplier Festival third of 618. Meanwhile, the music, as well as the video with the Jiangsu satellite TV held a party. During the 3 hours of the party, as the music video online cumulative viewing over 40 million. (Ding Zhuang)相关的主题文章: