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Butter can protect liver beauty   share 6 kinds of tricks to eat – Shandong Channel – People’s network butter is a relatively high cold fruit, although the nutritional value is rich, but the price is not cheap, the taste is not everyone likes. And a lot of people don’t know how to eat this avocado. Here are 6 ways to eat butter, and the benefits of eating avocados. Butter 6 kinds of eating method 1, direct consumption. The avocado will be washed, peeled, nuclear, cut into small pieces, direct consumption, pay attention to careful tasting, the first time you may not be accustomed to eating oh. 2, make salad. Cut the avocado into 1 cm cubes, with peas, corn and your favorite vegetable grains (such as hot broccoli, cucumber, tomato, etc.), and then mix salad dressing or ketchup. 3, coated with bread. The lemon juice, salt, pepper and the crushed butter are mixed together, and then served as a sauce on the bread. Taste first class stick! 4, make a milkshake. Add butter or milk, yogurt, and honey to a blender and mix it into a milkshake. That’s what kids and young people love most. 5. Mix sugar. Pick a soft ripe avocado, cut in half, take away the stones, with a little fork or spoon will flesh from skin scraping down and crushed, add white sugar a spoon to stir, directly with the spoon to eat. 5, dipped in mustard sauce. Dip the avocado into mustard sauce, which is what the Japanese like. Take the blue avocado with a cut in half, take away the stones, then all the 2, with a knife peeling, the flesh cut 0.5cm~1cm sheet, plate; preparation of soy sauce dishes, a little mustard. Dipping, taste similar to salmon and tuna belly. 6, grilled eggs to eat. Cut the avocado into half, beat the eggs in, and then bake in the oven until the eggs are medium well. Finally, sprinkle with onions and pepper to eat. After learning how to eat butter, let’s get to know the benefits of eating avocados. The benefits of eating Butter 1, beauty. Butter fruit flesh with a good affinity to human skin, easily absorbed by the skin, there is a strong absorption of ultraviolet light, and rich in vitamin E and carotene, which has skin care, sunscreen and good health. The United States, Japan and other countries have been widely used in skin care cream, facial cleanser, facial mask agent, shampoo, sunscreen and other cosmetics. 2, antioxidant and anti-aging: Avocado contains glycerol acid, protein and vitamin rich, moist but not greasy, anti aging agent for natural oxygen, not only can soften and moisturize the skin, shrink pores, the skin surface can form the emulsion layer, can effectively resist sunlight, to prevent tanning sunburn. Shea Butter extracted from nuts is rich in nutrients, rich in vitamin E, magnesium, linoleic acid and essential fatty acids. It helps to strengthen the cell membrane and delay the aging of epidermal cells. 3, breast enhancement. Butter rich in unsaturated fatty acids, can increase the elasticity of the chest tissue; contains vitamin A can promote the secretion of female hormones, vitamin C can prevent chest deformation, vitamin E is helpful to the chest 牛油果可护肝美容 分享6种花样吃法–山东频道–人民网   牛油果是一种比较高冷的水果,虽然营养价值丰富,但价格并不便宜,口感也并不是每个人都喜欢。而且,很多人都不太清楚这牛油果要怎么吃。下面,和大家分享牛油果的6种吃法,以及吃牛油果的好处。   牛油果的6种吃法   1、直接食用。将牛油果洗干净,去皮去核,切成小块,直接食用,注意细细品尝,第一次吃可能会不太习惯哦。   2、做沙拉。把牛油果切成1厘米见方的小颗粒,配以豌豆粒,玉米粒和自己喜欢的蔬菜粒(如烫好的西兰花,黄瓜,番茄等),然后拌上沙拉酱或番茄沙司。   3、涂在面包片上。可以将柠檬汁、盐、胡椒粉与压碎的牛油果肉放在一起调匀,接着当作酱料涂在面包片上食用。味道一级棒!   4、做奶昔。把牛油果加上适当牛奶或酸奶,再加上蜂蜜,放入搅拌机,搅拌成奶昔,这是孩子和年轻人的最爱。5、配砂糖。挑一个熟软的牛油果,对半切开,取走果核,用小叉子或小勺将果肉从皮上刮下来碾碎,放入白砂糖一勺拌匀,直接用勺子舀着吃。   5、蘸芥末酱油。把比较生的牛油果蘸芥末酱油,这是日本人喜欢的吃法。取青色较生的牛油果一个,对半切开,取走果核,再一切二,用小刀剥去外皮,将果肉切成0.5cm~1cm的片状,装盘;备生抽酱油一小碟,芥末少许。蘸食,口感类似于三文鱼和金枪鱼腹肉。   6、烤鸡蛋吃法。把牛油果切半,打个鸡蛋进去,再放入烤箱烤至鸡蛋八分熟,最后洒上葱和胡椒即可以食用。   学习了牛油果的吃法后,下面我们再来了解下吃牛油果的好处。   吃牛油果的好处   1、美容。牛油果果肉与人体皮肤亲和性好,极易被皮肤吸收,对紫外线有较强的吸收性,加之富含维生素E及胡萝卜素等,因而具有良好的护肤、防晒与保健作用。美、日等国已将其广泛应用于护肤霜、洗面奶、面膜剂、洗发香波、防晒霜等多种化妆品。   2、抗氧抗衰老:牛油果含有丰富的甘油酸、蛋白质及维他命,润而不腻,是天然的抗氧衰老剂,不但能软化和滋润皮肤,还能收细毛孔,皮肤表面可以形成乳状隔离层,能够有效抵御阳光照射,防止晒黑晒伤。果仁里提取的牛油果油营养丰富,含丰富的维生素E、镁、亚油酸和必需脂肪酸,有助于强韧细胞膜,延缓表皮细胞衰老的速度。   3、丰胸。牛油果中含量丰富的不饱和脂肪酸,能增加胸部组织弹性;含有的维生素A能促进女性荷尔蒙分泌,维生素C能防止胸部变形,维生素E则有助胸部发育。   4、保护子宫健康。牛油果能够保护女性的子宫和子宫颈健康,女性每星期吃一个牛油果就能平衡雌激素、减掉分娩产生的多余体重,防止宫颈癌。   5、 保护肝脏。经研究发现,牛油果中含有可能可以保护肝脏的有效化学成分。这一发现将有助于人们发明新的药物,用于治疗肝脏疾病。 (责编:郑浦丽、胡洪林)相关的主题文章: