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[Baidu] intellectual drive weekly "cloud Xiao" appeared in Wuzhen 2016.11.18 Vol | unmanned fleet of.24 AutoDriving Weekly intelligent driving weekly, aimed at gathering intelligent driving field this week and comments, for reference. The content includes news, the size of the business trends, the development of key technologies and important news. [after] Baidu core technology "cloud:" unmanned fleet unveiled Baidu word comments [Wuzhen], no Demo! In November 16, 2016, Baidu unmanned station experience in Wuzhen officially unveiled, BAIC, Chery and BYD to become the vehicle technology, the car is written "unmanned". Baidu automatic driving has ten technologies, such as environmental perception, behavior prediction, planning control, operating system, intelligent interconnection, on board hardware, human-computer interaction, high-precision positioning, high precision map and system security. Baidu driverless car brain system brand name "cloud Xiao" unmanned (Autonomous driving). This year in the actual Wuzhen road test compared to last year’s road test, have more improvement in technology and hardware, realizes the last unmanned vehicle starting, driving, parking automatic operation, this year it can deal with more complex road. The Baidu trial operation in Wuzhen unmanned vehicle testing and experience, the entire 3.16 km, after a total of three red lights and a U-turn, not only faced with mixed vehicles, the car battery through various complicated road conditions, but also need to deal with the rain, mist, fog and other weather conditions. [car prices] ADI acquisition of Vescent solid state laser technology [comments]] so, as long as the price is right, laser radar can engage in ADAS… Analog Devices, Inc. (ADI), recently announced the acquisition of Vescent, Colorado, Golden Photonics solid state laser beam steering technology. Vescent Photonics is a private enterprise, founded in 2002, focused on the development of precision laser control required for the production of optoelectronic products, tunable lasers and electronic components. Non mechanical beam steering Vescent novel technology, can further enhance the performance of the integrated laser radar 1 system, overcome the present mechanical products in terms of reliability, large size and cost of many defects. ADI has 20 years of experience in the development of automotive safety technology, the acquisition of beam steering technology in one fell swoop to consolidate its important position in the field of automotive safety systems technology, more conducive to the development of the next generation of ADAS and autopilot applications. ADI automotive safety department general manager Chris Jacobs said: " MEMS sensor from inertia airbags and electronic stability control application of 2, 24GHz and 77GHz to the automotive radar, over the past twenty years, all kinds of ADI solutions has saved many lives. Now, with this innovative technology,.相关的主题文章: