Beauty circle of friends to sell cheap Apple phone After the money to pull the black

Beauty circle of friends to sell cheap Apple phone? After the money to pull the black Guangzhou daily news (reporter Li Dong correspondent Xu Ziqiang, Joey Leung) is first used for beauty flat-share tempt you to add friends, then in the circle of friends released information that sell cheap Apple mobile phone, deceive the victim to scan two-dimensional code transfers, payment immediately after delivery refused to pull the black. Recently, Guangzhou Haizhu police after careful investigation, arrested a use of WeChat mobile phone platform to sell at a low price fraud suspect Wang (male, 26 years old, Inner Mongolia people), after a preliminary investigation, the suspect fraud cases uncovered involving nearly 20 cases. In August 15th this year, Haizhu police received a victim Zhao report, saying it was a friend WeChat to sell mobile phone company internal processing way cheated 3500 yuan. The police preliminary understanding, ten days ago, Ms. Zhao in the dorm to browse the Internet using a mobile phone flat-share information, see a content is "graduates looking for roommates flat-share" information, the information with a micro signal, a nickname called "masquerade", pictures show that the netizen is a beauty, no Zhao the guard will "masquerade" as a friend. In August 9th, Zhao found "masquerade" release information in my circle of friends said the sale of Apple mobile phone "with prices ranging from 2000~3500 yuan, then ask the source to the active mobile phone. "Masquerade" is called the mobile phone company to take back off, now the internal processing, sale in order to return the funds. See so cost-effective Apple mobile phone sale, Zhao heart, will require the purchase of mobile phone, in selected models, received a "masquerade" sent through WeChat’s collection of two-dimensional code, then the full payment of the purchase price of 3500 yuan. Second days, Zhao found himself not only did not receive the mobile phone, and WeChat has been "masquerade" pull the black, I realized that he cheated, then to the police for help. After receiving the report, Haizhu police immediately set up a task force to investigate the case. Through the analysis of large data on similar alarm, the city has found similar fraud cases since more than and 20, modus operandi are suspect by WeChat publishing circle of friends they have super cheap Apple mobile phone sale information, deceive the victim to scan two-dimensional code transfers, then pull the black victim and refused to delivery. August 22nd, police investigators in Haizhuqu District River Road, a taxi will be arrested suspects wang. Upon review, the suspect Wang explained, he was posing as the woman in "× × city, × × flat-share Post Bar released information" on the site, and with a beautiful woman picture and micro signal to attract others to friend. To be added as a friend, Wang will be released in the circle of friends of WeChat some low price of Apple’s mobile phone sales information, trick these WeChat friends initiative to contact him. On the other side of the mobile phone to ask the source, Wang said the mobile phone is fake company to take back the debt, in order to return the funds to sell at a low price. After obtaining the trust of the other party and received the request of the other party to buy these mobile phone information, Wang will be sent to WeChat through the two-dimensional code of the collection, and asked each other through WeChat payment. Upon receipt.相关的主题文章: