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Beijing design week design tour of Shichahai for the first time to join to create "man of life" – Beijing, Beijing, September 23 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Yin Li) 2016 Beijing International Design Week design tour started in Shichahai in September 23rd. For the first time to join the design tour venue of Shichahai Scenic will create "the Shichahai? Man of life", let people into celebrities, hiding into the depths of the alley shops, from the perspective of design re looked at Shichahai. According to organizers, design week, Shichahai will be around the "ecological theme become a way of life", organize design bazaar, Shichahai design competition and a series of design and cultural activities, through the creative design of the merchants and consumer groups to make precise docking, and launch the electronic version of "map" and idle away in seeking pleasure design experience "paper version Shichahai set" copy to the public, so that visitors can better experience tour palace, shopping streets, visit temple, alley, View Residence in Shichahai Scenic traditional tour project. In Shichahai Scenic Design, follow the map, people can experience design to bring changes here. A design by Zhu "time memory" put a row of 5 large windows, with different flowers and plants to show different time: 60s in the window is full of wheat in 70s; the windows are filled with jasmine; in 80s the window is more commonly used when the roadside flower beds chicken crown flowers and red string in 90s, natural rose; power; up to now, a variety of succulent plants became the most fashionable flower planting. On the same day, more than and 20 at the Guo Moruo Memorial floral design works will decorate a new, this is the famous poem "sky market" in the beauty for inspiration and do hanaue design exhibition; designer A-Sun and pumpkin works "flower of life" by three mirrors, crystal lamps and dozens of flowers the plant consists of a flower, the visitors can carry a lantern walk in the way, feel the aesthetic space; in view of Guangfu held "cultural heritage and Design — 100 million city’s tour Beijing Railway Station" exhibition, "re design" to examine the traditional and contemporary, and show the traditional craft and design of cross-border collision modern design. 2016 Beijing International Design Week design tour activities in Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei, the three places and the network set up a total of 28 venues. Design during the week, the venue will focus on exhibitions, forums, lectures, workshops, interactive experience, market activities such as more than 500 screenings, creating close and experience a full range of design, experience design, design opportunities for public consumption. In addition, the design tour will also launch from all over the Beijing Design District, academic activities and consumption to recommend shops and other rich content together constitute the "design map", to highlight the Beijing as the design of all the innovation vigor and charm. (end)相关的主题文章: