Beijing Education Commission Teachers’ major will be included in advance enrollment (video) soojin

Beijing Education Commission: Teachers’ major will be included in the batch of enrollment in advance. Recently, the Municipal Education Commission has jointly issued "opinions on strengthening and improving the training and management of normal students" by Beijing Municipal Education commission. Comments pointed out that the future will reform of normal college enrollment, the teachers into the early batches of admission, interview, teacher occupation aptitude and personality test in the admissions process, through the selection of interested in the long term to apply from the outstanding high school graduates to teach. This opinion will come into effect on November 1, 2016. The opinions require that the normal school students should be free of tuition within four years of their school year, and the living expenses should be subsidized. The funds required by the municipal government should be arranged by the municipal government. The excellent students who are qualified to teach and meet the requirements can be transferred to the teachers’ Specialty in accordance with the relevant regulations within two years after the entrance into the school. According to the school regulations, normal students can carry out two professional choices within the scope of normal education. Normal students in pre-school and school and the municipal educational administrative departments signed a "free education agreement", commitment to work in the city engaged in primary and secondary schools, kindergarten education teaching after graduation (including the education administration and the relevant departments for approval of registration and below secondary education institutions) for more than five years, in the service agreement during the period, can flow or engaged in education management in schools. Beijing Evening News: teacher professional will be included in advance batch enrollment

北京教委:师范专业将纳入提前批招生近日,市教委联合多部门下发《北京市关于加强和改进师范生培养与管理的意见》。意见指出,未来将改革师范专业招生方式,将师范专业纳入提前批次招生,在招生过程中增加面试、教师职业能力倾向与心理人格测试环节,择优选拔有志于长期从教的优秀高中毕业生报考。该意见自2016年11月1日起施行。意见要求,师范生在校四年修读年限内免学费,并补助生活费,所需经费由市级财政安排。有志从教并符合条件的非师范专业优秀学生,在入学两年内,可在教育行政部门和学校核定的计划内按照相关规定转入师范专业。按照学校规定,师范生可在师范专业范围内进行二次专业选择。师范生入学前与学校和本市教育行政部门签订《师范生免费教育协议书》,承诺毕业后从事本市中小学校、幼儿园教育教学工作(含教育行政及相关部门审批注册的中等及中等以下的学历教育机构)满五年以上,在协议规定服务期内,可在学校间流动或从事教育管理工作。 北京晚报:师范专业将纳入提前批次招生相关的主题文章: