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Bicycles can also be not common – International – People’s network for the suspension of the bicycle (image) in this era of innovation, people play their talents, have created new technology. The bicycle as ordinary people’s means of transport, after adding the elements of science and technology is no longer common. According to the U.S. science and technology website reported that the Star Wars series of movies in the dream of transport vehicles – Air bike, will be officially listed in 2017, the air ride will officially enter people’s lives. Headquartered in California, a technology company said that consumers can buy their own air bike in 2017, open air bike to the supermarket to buy fruit is not far away. The value of 530 thousand yuan of the air bike is a motorcycle like hovercraft, can hover from the ground at a distance of 3.66 meters, driving the maximum speed of up to 70 km. Like a traditional bicycle, the bicycle can seat up to two people, a driver and a passenger. Coincidentally, the bike can fly in the sky, can float on the water. There is a strange appearance of the bike is designed for the Holland city of Haier and the design of the city, it is amphibious bicycle. Because Haier Richmond city has many canals, and the canal is part of the road system in the city, so the amphibious bicycle can let Haier Mongolia de can land cycling, can also walk in the canal. This kind of bicycle is composed of GBO  design company, it looks better than the traditional bicycle volume is much larger, which seems to affect the scope of its application, but it is a fascinating solutions amphibious travel. Whether it is suspended bike or amphibious bicycle, is not a simple research and development, but to create a new way to ride. In addition, some people are also concerned about the safety of bicycles. According to the British "Daily Mail" news from London designer Crispin? Sinclair, claimed that he has created the world’s most secure bicycle: Bicycle Babel (Babel  Bike). Its special feature is that it has anti roll frame, foot protector and electric motor. This bike has a front and rear lights, rear mirrors and car horns, which is an unprecedented security method. The most notable is its anti roll rack, when people ride it, if you encounter a truck and a bus crash, you can ensure personal safety. In addition, the bicycle electric motor with 250 watts of Japan Shimano company, handle used to control the motor power. A single charge can be guaranteed to run 80 to 130 kilometers away. For the future of the bike, safety can be said to be the first. In addition, portability should be a key feature. A number of bicycle concept designers are using various creative design to make the bike more lightweight, portable. Blair Hayes? Provided the design of a portable bicycle can be folded into a small package, and can leave a storage space between the two wheels, like a convenient bag. In addition, Heisti also changed the attitude of the rider through a special design,相关的主题文章: