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Business Capture and Convert Your Leads to Improve Your Marketing ROI. I’m here to remind you about the importance of making sure your marketing has a foolproof way to deal with generated leads. So many people spend so much time and money on marketing and advertising that actually is incredibly effective at generating a response from potential customers and clients. Thats really awesome, but, when those interested prospects actually .e calling, a lot of businesses just dont know how to convert the sale or even efficiently capture the contact information. Thats like being really, really good at driving cattleand not having a cow pen to put the critters in. Kind of a pointless effort if the steers just kind of roam around and spread back out into the wilderness. As the marketing experts say, you have to build an iron fence around your herd to keep them in! There are a couple ways to keep your marketing ROI high. One is, if youre directing people to call your physical business, you make sure there is a person dedicated to answering those calls. That person needs to be trained and even given scripts to follow along with on how to handle sales calls in a way that gets the prospect to either .e in for an appointment or to buy your product. In either case, if you cant get them to .mit, you have to at least make sure you get their contact information – and that the info gets saved in whatever marketing database your business is using. Your marketing list is your goldmine and a big part of what you want to gain from your advertising is building that list. The problem with relying on what I call the human factor is that its easy for people to drop the ball. Whoever answers your phone might not take it seriously enough no matter how many times you try to talk to them. They may be having a bad day and not really sell your business in a positive way. They may jot down the contact info on a Post-It note that somehow gets stuck to wrapper from their sandwich and gets thrown away with it. You know as well as I do how often we end up making those kinds of mistakes. Thats why the only foolproof method is to automate the process. Businesses often think that placing a newspaper ad, an online banner ad or a radio .mercial is the start and finish of their marketing. Thats .pletely wrong its only the beginning of the process, and that process has to carry through your entire business. Thats the only way to really increase your marketing ROI. And by the way, it also makes you a lot more money. Thats always a good thing, right? Copyright (c) 2010 Richard Seppala About the Author: 相关的主题文章: